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Shoreside Operations




Senior Marine Surveyor, Marine Engineer, Chief Engineer, Port Engineer, Marine 

Superintendent, Marine Insurance Claims Director, Risk Manager and Consultant. 





• Senior Marine Engineer with considerable experience of sea going and shore based 


• Highly successful negotiator with a track record of saving millions of dollars for clients. 
• Senior Marine Surveyor with 25+ years experience in Cargo, Hull and Machinery; P&I 
Claims and matters, and well versed in Classification Society procedures and regulations. 
• Proven ability to organize and coordinate projects with very superior managerial skills. 
• Supervision, operation and maintenance of highly rated Marine Power Plants, Double 

Evaporation Boilers and Auxiliaries. 






Principal Marine Surveyor, Claims Director, Engineer Consultant 

Houston Marine Consultants 

Bellaire, TX 

May 2002-Present. 


Marine Insurance and Third Party Claims Handling and Processing, Surveying of Marine 
Systems and equipment, Hull, Machinery & Cargo Surveys, P & I Club Surveys, testifying as an 
Expert Witness, carrying out Environmental Compliance Audits as mandated by the Department 
of Justice. 


• Successfully negotiated and reduced $6.0+ million against Major European 
Underwriters to $1.5 million. 
• Successfully assisted Major European Underwriters in reducing a claim against them 
by $300,000.00 +. 
• Successfully assisted Major European Shipowner in obtaining a very satisfactory 
settlement against North American Dock Interests, running into several hundred 
thousand dollars. 
• Successfully assisted Major European Underwriters in their claim against a Major 
North American Cement Company and obtaining a very satisfactory settlement. 

• Etc. 


Highlights of Surveys/Services: 


• Ship Surveys - Hull, Machinery and Cargo 
• Environmental Compliance Audits as mandated by the US Department of Justice. 
• Dock damage surveys 
• All kinds of Cargo Surveys. 
• All kinds of Project Cargo surveys 
• Processing and Handling of Marine Insurance Claims from start to 
finish, including providing legal backup through qualified Maritime 
Attorneys as necessary 
• Marine Consultancy 
• Superintendency and Port Engineering 
• Hull, Machinery Insurance, P & I Club and Cargo Surveys 
• Evaluation of Marine Systems and Equipment 
• Salvage co-ordination and support as required. 
• Testifying in Court as Expert Witnesses. 
• Classification Society Record Searches 
• Pre-Purchase, Pre-Entry Condition Surveys. 
• Flag State representation 
• Supervision of New Construction. 


Clients served, past and present: 


• Codan Insurance 
• The Swedish Club 
• Assuranseforeningen SKULD 
• Unitas Gjensidig Assuranseforening 
• GARD P&I Club 
• Bergen Hull Club 
• Vesta Forsikring AS 
• U.K.P&I Club 
• The Steamship Mutual P&I Club 
• Britannia P&I 
• British Marine Mutual 
• W.K. Webster & Co. 
• Norwegian Hull Club 
• Zurich Protector 

• L.F. Insurance 
• Trygg-Hansa 
• VHT Insurance 
• Storebrand Skadeforsikring AS 
• Neptunia Insurance 
• Gjensidige Marine & Energy 
• Topdenmark A/S 
• Ming-An Insurance 
• Messrs. Egon Oldendorff 
• Maersk Line 
• Messrs. Dole Fresh Fruit 
• APM Terminals 
• The Salvage Association 
• Shell Oil Company 
• Coastal Corporation 
• Lamorte Burns & Co., Inc. 
• ECM Hudson & Co., Inc. 
• Ewig International 
• SCUA Americas 
• SCUA Hamburg 
• Japan P & I Club 
• Tokio Marine 
• Sampo Insurance 
• Mitsui Insurance 
• AIG 
• Liberty Mutual 
• Travelers Insurance 
• Fuji Trading 
• ABS Consulting 
• Liberty International Underwriters 
• National Oilwell Varco, and many others. 


Appraisals of Marine Equipment are carried out for various lending institutions, such as Texas 
Commerce Bank, C.I.S. Corporation, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, etc. 


Marine Surveyor and Claims Handler 

Scandinavian Underwriter’s Agency, Inc. (Scandinavian Marine Claims Office) 

Stamford, CT and Houston, TX 

April 1998-April 2002. 


Marine Insurance and Third Party Claims Handling and Processing, Hull and Machinery 


• Successfully obtained a $2.1 million settlement against The Panama Canal Commission 
for European Ship Managers and their European Underwriters. 

• Successfully settled Major Claims against a North American Shipyard for Major 
European Underwriters, running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
• Successfully negotiated and settled numerous Major Claims for Underwriters based in 


Highlights of work as described above. 



Marine Surveyor 

Russel Brierly & Associates, Inc. 

Houston, TX 

August 1990-March 1998. 


Highlights of work as described above. 



Cargo Supervisor 

Florida Fuels, Inc. 

Miami, FL 

November 1986 - July 1990. 


• Loaded/ discharged Company Tankers (Ship To Ship Operations). 
• Calculated various blends of Fuel Oils/ Diesel Oils. 
• Maintained very strict quality/ quantity control of product. 
• Prepared and delivered fuels to clients’ vessels, VLCCs, ULCCs, etc., offshore in the 
Gulf of Mexico. 
• Trained ship’s crew in Ship- to-Ship transfer procedures. 
• Liaised with client ships, agencies, head office, oil companies, etc. 
• Handled products running into millions of dollars. 



Marine Engineer Superintendent 

T & M, Inc. 

Monte Carlo, Monaco 

October 1985-March 1986. 


• Operated and maintained Marine Power Plants and Auxiliaries. 
• Monitored fuel economy. 
• Supervised Major engine overhauls. 
• Supervised Hull repairs. 
• Supervised Dry docking. 
• Carried out Hull & Machinery Surveys 
• Provided support services in the salvage of disabled tankers in the Persian Gulf in 

 co-operation with Wijsmuller Salvage, during the Gulf (Iran/Iraq) War. 

• Procured Materials and Bids. 
• Negotiated with contractors, ensuring timely completion, kept record of repairs. 

• Carried out Payroll calculations and disbursements. 
• Carried out Crew management. 


Junior Engineer to Chief Engineer 


Atlantic Maritime Services, Hamilton, Bermuda 

Kuwait Livestock Carriers, Kuwait 

The Shipping Corporation of India, Bombay, India 



• Carried out Major overhauls of machinery 
• Supervised Dry docking 
• Carried out maintenance of ship’s power plants 
• Carried out Classification Surveys 
• Carried out watch keeping repairs and maintenance. 





• 1982 CERTIFICATE COMPETENCY, United Kingdom 

 Marine Engineer Officer, Class I, Motor ship 

 (Chief Engineer, Unlimited Horsepower) 



 First Aid and Fire Fighting At Sea 



 Marine Engineering Graduate 



 Pre-Engineering Courses 






• English 
• Hindi 
• Spanish fairly good understanding and communication skills. 
• Portuguese basic understanding and communication skills. 


 References available upon request. 


 Testimonials posted on www.houstonmarineconsultants.com 
Bellaire, Texas,
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