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Engineer  / Naval Architect


A graduate of electrical/electronic engineering with 6years experience offshore/onshore survey/hydrographic engineer, with a proven ability to mobilize and run survey projects and also ensure equipment is in good condition prior to/during/after mobilization of projects.


To add value to the goal of my organization, through the efficient and effective discharge of my duties professionally, passionately and with high level of integrity and sincerity. 


October 2016         Total upstream Nigeria/LBL Engineer

Mar 2016 –May 2016 Geodetic Offshore Services Limited / Broron oil and gas LTD – Survey  Engineer/Online surveyor

Sept 2014-April 2015  Subsea 7-  LBL/Survey Engineer/LBL Surveyor

Dec2013–March2014 Fugro Survey Middle East, Abu Dhabi - Survey Engineer/ AHT Surveyor

Nov – Dec 2013 Geodetic Offshore Services Limited (GOSL) - Survey Engineer

May – July 2013 Geodetic Offshore Services Limited (GOSL) - Survey Engineer

Sep 2009 – Jan 2013 Suffolk Petroleum Services Limited – Survey Engineer/Project Engineer


Brone survey and positioning October 2016

Position- LBL Engineer/LBL surveyor

Client/Software – Total Upstream Nigeria Limited/Fusion 6G

Project/Vessel: Akpo 126 metrology/ Bourbon Evolution 802 

Task Title: Akpo 126 Metrology,array calibration,Jumper route bathy profile and DTM survey

Job responsibilities: carried out equipment deck preparation and setup, successfully interface survey sensors to ROV, Setup/configuration/operation of Fusion system(6G), Logged data for metrology heading, pitch/roll and depth loop measurement, carried out metrology equipment recovery and demobilization.


Equipment used: Fusion 6G,Rovnav6, miniIPS, Inclinometer compatt, standard compatt,Schilling UHD 037 ROV, Valport SVP

Geodetic offshore services ltd / Broron oil and gas Ltd March 2016 – May 2016

Position- Survey Engineer

Client/Software – Exxon Mobil/Broron oil and gas/GOSL/Eiva/Hipap system

Project/Vessel: Exxon Mobil field maintenance and seabed survey)/ DSV Avianna

Task Title: Yoho FSO floating hose inspection and cleaning, BOP SPM4/1 chain removal and hose repairs/replacement, YOHO YQ platform ROV and surface diving inspection/cleaning.ROV survey and surface diving of ERHA FPSO, seabed survey of Etim/Idoho damage pipeline.

Job responsibilities: Responsible and successfully configured AAE 1000/200 series beacons for CROV and ROV blue ray tracking for FPSO and Platform survey, Successfully carried out repairs and maintenance of survey equipment onboard DSV Avianna, successfully carried out survey equipment interfacing to navigation system and CROV system, responsible for navigation system operations for Rov and surface diving operation, Successful deployment and operation of survey equipments for seabed survey( rig move approach at Etim LA/ Idoho damage pipeline).

Equipment used: Kongsberg Hipap 501 system, AAE 1000/200 series beacon, Easytrak lite, Cnav GPS, Tss meridian Gyro,G881 magnetometer, Tritech sub bottom, Klein 3000 side scan sonar, EA 400 echo sounder, CROV system.

Subsea 7                   February2015 – April 2015

Position- LBL/Survey Engineer 

Client/Software - Esso Exploration and production Nigeria limited/West African Venture/Oceanscan/Eiva/Hipap system

Project/Vessel: ERHA North Phase 2 Project (Tieback, Topside and Installation)/ Jascon 31

Task Title: Installation of 2 slot production manifold, 6 slot water injection manifold and Riser base gas lift manifold, Metrology.

Job responsibilities: Successfully Mobilized/demobilized survey equipment onboard Jascon 31, Navigation system configuration, responsible for System networking in ROV, client, OCM/OIM and shift supervisor offices. Nport moxa collection and usage for other vessel. Successfully carried out Configuration and Acoustic test of Kongsberg cNode transponders, Metrology operations, Aiwocs spooling operation on manifold, commissioning and pre commissioning of manifold(Transponder tracking). Responsible for configuration and setup of inclinometer/standard compatts. Successfully carried metrology(direct/indirect) operation on  jumper/manifold ,  Responsible for survey equipment repairs, interfacing on schilling robotic ROV( HD 29/HD 52). Assist online surveyor in running the Eiva software during operation such as route survey, as laid  survey and vessel positioning.

Equipment used: Octan 3000 Gyro, Seatex MRU, Valeport mini SVs, Kongsberg cNode Mini 34 transponder, Kongsberg Hipap 500 system, Veripos DGPS, CNav 2050 GPS, Surface Octan Gyro, Paroscientific Digiquartz depth sensor, Fusion LBL 5G System.

Subsea 7                                   October – November 2014

Position- LBL/Survey Engineer 

Client/Software -  Esso Exploration and production Nigeria limited/West African Venture/Oceanscan /Eiva/Fusion 5G software

Project/Vessel: ERHA North Phase 2 Project (Tieback, Topside and Installation)/ Jascon 31

Task Title: Suction Pile Installation, LBL array installation, baseline calibration, Tracking, metrology, ROV route survey, Sleepers and crossing installation

Job responsibilities: Responsible and successfully carried out Pre-deployment operation such as Compatt deck check/test and configuration. Compatt deployment and recovery. Deployed Sonardyne Fusion LBL 5G System, RovNav 5 transceiver, Compatt 5, Configuration and Acoustic test of  Kongsberg cNode  transponders using LBL positioning techniques for installation of Pile, ROV tracking and crane tracking. Termination of cable RovNav, Octan gyro, mini svs, Digi quartz for ROV operation, Responsible for termination of seacon cable and seanet adapter bottle general assembly for ROV system (HD29 and HD52 ROV vehicles). Carried out repairs, Troubleshooting, maintenance of survey and LBL equipment onboard Jascon 31. Responsible for deployment, recovery and extraction of data from CTD probe (SVP) equipment. Responsible for Installation of Starpack gps, Setup of R2 Sonic 2000 multibeam system, Installation of laser on ROV system, equipment setup for ROV route and pre lay survey, ROV As laid and inspection surveys. Successfully terminated cables such as overlay, RJ 11 – serial,RJ 45 etc. Responsible for mobilization and demobilization of survey system onboard Jascon 31. Assist online surveyor in running the Eiva software during operation such as route survey, aslaid  survey and vessel positioning.

Equipment used: Fusion LBL 5G System, , Octan 3000 Gyro, MRU, CTD probe, Valeport mini SVs,  Paroscientific Digiquartz sensor, Seanet Pro Software, Kongsberg cNode Mini 34 transponder, Kongsberg Hipap 500 system, Veripose DGPS, CNav 2050 GPS

Subsea 7 September 2014

Position- LBL Surveyor/ Engineer

Client/Software -  Exxon Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited (MPN)/subsea 7/Oceanscan/Eiva/Fusion 5G

Project/Vessel-  IDOHO SSM (Idoho Pupp - Flange and spool Installation), Dive support and positioning/7 Antares, Jascon 57

Job responsibility: Mobilization of LBL system for project support, Equipment interfacing (positioning and heading sensors), Sonardyne LBL 5G system, Pre-deployment operation such as Compatt deck check/test and configuration. Responsible for Compatt 5G, Dunker deployment and recovery, Spool/Riser metrology operation, Navigation control unit, System interface unit, Subsea Gyro (Octane Gyro) installation for spool alignment, Wiring of Compact 5G interface cable for compatt check and configuration, SVSx2 equipment usage for sound velocity. Successfully carried out anchor deployment, recovery and check operations. Responsible for blueview sonar installation and operation for spooling operation. confirmed reading from both taut wire and LBL 5G system metrology operation and reported to project surveyor for further reporting to client

Fugro Survey Middle East, Abu Dhabi Dec 2013 – March 2014

Position: Survey engineer/ AHT Surveyor

Clients/software: McDermott Arabia Company/ Saudi Aramco/ Starfix software

Project/vessels: Safaniya phase 2 development project (Pipeline laying, subsea tie in and Riser installation, Diving support) at Safaniya oilfield, Offshore, Saudi Arabia

Vessels: Derrick barge 32,Kalinda barge, Intermac 323 and Intermac 406

Job responsibility:

Carried out installation of remote PC in divers shack and stinger shack, Installation of marker buoy, Networking of navigational system in various offices and control tower, Responsible for AHT operations during anchor deployment, recovery and buoy check, barge positioning for diving operations, flexible pipeline transpooling and installation, subsea valve skid installation, Blueview sonar installation and operation for flexible pipeline transpooling operation. mobilization and demobilization of barge and tug systems.

Equipment used: Blueview sonar, Mesotech scanning sonar, odom echotrac, Starfix Suite 10.1, ProViewer 3.6, ProScan 3.8 and MS1000, Global Acoustic positioning system( IXSEA GAPS) and MMI( Man machine Interface)

Suffolk Petroleum Services Limited Sept 2009 – Jan 2013

Plot 20 East/West Road Port Harcourt, River

Position: Survey Engineer/Base Engineer


MIPS (Major integrity pipeline projects)- Survey/Hydrographic Engineer

  • System integrity checks of all survey equipments.
  • Prepare survey reports
  • Ensures scope of work is been adhere to and required equipment used on projects
  • Keeping of tools maintenance record of all equipment in the workshop/field.
  • Successfully carried out repairs on TSS meridian gyro and NR 203 gps receiver and general maintenance
  • Mobilization, maintenance and demobilization of equipment for MIPS (Mobil producing Nigeria limited major integrity projects).
  • Online engineer on board KING LOUA during pre lay engineering survey (MIPS) at Usari, Asabo, Ekpe, Idoho, Edop and QIT (mobile field)- Hypack software NOV/DEC 2009 - JAN 2010
  • Responsible for Calibration, testing and operation of Sub bottom profiler (geopulse), Side scan sonar (JW fisher), magnetometer (G881), Echo sounder (Odon and atlas deso 15),NR 203 GPS receiver and CTD probe.
  • Termination of Cables for sub bottom profiler and magnetometer.
  • Deployment/maintenance of USBL system (HPR 410P) for mattress installation onboard barge major JAN/FEB 2011
  • Interfacing of survey equipments for full spread and positioning operation. 
  • Installation and configuration of RIG move operation
  • Installation, Configuration and Operation of Tug management system (TMS)
  • Responsible for Configuration and Operation of moxa uport modems.
  • Termination of RS 232 cables for data communication.
  • Termination of Stonex receiver Data cables
  • Installation and Operation of anchor handling using Eiva software at Edop & Idoho Platform.  MARCH, APRIL & JUNE/JULY 2011, FEB 2012 – 5/5 WEEKS ROTATION
  • Barge and Tug movement using Eiva software (Ekpe/Asabo platform-mobil field) (4/4wks rotation)           JANUARY 2012/DEC - JAN 2013
  • Carried out Auto compensation of digital fluxgate.

Project Engineer Dec 2012 - Jan 2013

  • Compilation and preparation of production daily progress reports, tracking vessel down time for signatory and onshore office use.
  • Taking inventory of project materials and proper documentation
  • Ensure approve procedures are followed during execution of jobs
  • Liaise with material controller to ensure project materials/consumables availability and functionality of such project items
  • Keeping track of all personnel on board (POB & ROB) of work vessel and project spread.

Project: OCIP (Offshore construction and Installation Program) Apr – Oct 2011 

  • Responsible for Base station Installation and configuration (Ekpe PP)
  • Mooring operation and diving support operation for riser / spool installation using GNS onboard ASW,SPSL EARL
  • Responsible for Programming of Satel modems (2As,3As,3Asd and Epic)
  • Installation, Configuration and Operation of anchor handling tug using GNS software.
  • Successfully Configure Trimble 5700, 4000ST,132  and 212 GPS receivers


Government Secondary School, Jaban Kogo (NYSC) Apr 2008 - Mar 2009

  • Kachia L.G.A, Kaduna State.
  • Physics teacher (SS1, SS 2, & SS 3)

WRPC- SIWES(student internship) April- Oct 2006

  • Vibration testing of machines.
  • Preventive maintenance on the emergency generators, battery, substation equipments and fluorescent fittings in area 1, 2 & 3 electrical sections.
  • Coding of equipment in the plant yard.
  • Prepared daily work schedule for other units.
  • Overhauling of electric motors.
  • Instrumentation and control (Pressure, Temperature control valve) 
  • Successfully carried repairs on Alsthom gas turbine  


Educational Qualifications

2001 – 2007 University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, B.Eng. 2class, Electrical/Electronics Engineering

Courses Attended & Training/Safety Certification

EIVA OPEN DAY TRAINING- September 2015/ Port Harcourt

SYSTEM NETWORKING- System networking(configuration, installation, OSI model, TCP/IP, UDP,Subnetting,IP resolution), Moxa configuration-Vast networking Limited.Dline,Port Harcourt.


OPITO BOSIET (Safety induction, HUET with EBS, FIRST AID and Hypothermia, Sea survival, FIRE FIGHTING and self rescue,)-208557000110140003






SEAMAN BOOK - 045878

BASIC RIG DRILLING TECHNOLOGY- EMUFAC INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED, PORT HARCOURT   - Hoisting system, circulating system, rotating system and pipe handling equipment.

  • Sonardyne 6G certificate Aug 2014
Port harcourt, Rivers State,
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