Monday, May 16, 2022
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Project Engineering / Project Management


Project manager, extremely knowledgeable about the day to day intricacies of ship repair and construction.
Some but not all abilities include maintaining schedules and budgets, customer communication and problem solving. I am a very energetic and proactive manager that has worked his way up through deck plate and educational experiences. 
I have always had the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the workforce from the management team, to personnel, and to the customer.
My background specializes in structural and sheet metal however I have a good working knowledge of all ship repair trades having recently managed a multi million dollar mid life upgrade for a previous employer.
Proficient with most NAVSEA standard items and MIL-SPECS.


Efficient with microsoft office
Build and maintain budgets and schedules
Ability to initially set up jobs
Ability to problem solve and show short cuts through work experiences
Ability to find, create and price growth work


I have been very successful in the completion of projects within their schedule and budget.
I have managed all types of shipalts from Smart ship installations, Force protection installation, SSDS installations, Multi habitability jobs, Reverse osmosis plant installations, Multi million dollar tank repairs, and practically all jobs inbetween.
I have managed 15 million dollars projects with manning from 10 to 125. 
During jobsite walkthroughs I have been known to mentor and train workers.
I have received awards for outstanding work on US Navy vessels and most recently received an email of commendation (attached) for me and my crew during the decomissioning of the USS KAUFFMAN. 

EXPERIENCE     2005 to present

I have been a project manager for about 10 yrs with PacOrd L-3 communications 2005-2010, Coastal Mechanical Systems 2010 to 2011, East Coast Repair and fabrication 2011 to 2015 and  Advanced Integrated Technologies 2015.
My responsibilities included job site pre inspections, maintaining schedules and budgets, facilitate,investigate, and process all CFR's, attend all meetings and correspond with the customer to help manage scheduling processes. Procure and inspect all material including GFM for the project. Sent out RFQ's and qualified all subcontractors. Consistently worked with the planning yard to problem solve on all ship alts. Presented all close out documentation. Provided weekly status updates to the customer. Worked as liason between safety, QA, and customer. I was always aware of onsite equipment condition and availability of material.


Industrial Technology
Norfolk Naval Shipyard Apprentice                                                          Portsmouth VA.
I have attended various trade schools including (NNSY ) (I left prematurely for better pay with BMF) I have several certificates of completion including Welding processes from College of the Albermarle and NAVSEA (NBPI). I have previously been certified as shipyard competent person, PCMS tile installtion, JLG and FW qualified.

Elizabeth City, NC,
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