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Shoreside Operations

January 2013 – Present: AMEC International Limited, P.O. Box 63404, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Port Supervisor in the South Island, Upper Zakum Field

-           Supervise and closely control all navigation and shipping movements in and around UZ Artificial Island at its service harbor. Maintain close watch by VHF radio, and allocate berths to vessels. May order closure of harbor in adverse weather condition and refuse to allow certain vessels to berth at jetty due to tides & Under Keel Clearance, weather conditions and draught of vessel.

-           Maintain daily logbook on all vessels entering, berthing and leaving the service harbour, as well as vessels sheltering in lee area, sign daily and submit to Projects Logistics Team Leader. Submit a summary of traffic.

-           Dispatch shipping notices, as well as standing instructions and port operational manual or any update thereof to vessels and craft in the service harbour on a regular basis. Ensure that service harbour regulations and safety rules are strictly complied with.

-           Check navigational aids in the harbour, light buoys, and navigational lights on weekly basis to ensure proper functioning, receive reports by marine units of any related deficiencies and verify the case prior reporting defects to Logistics team leader for necessary action.

-           Take meteorological data, such as temperature, pressure, wind direction and velocity, waves and humidity three times per day, and transmit information to Abu Dhabi weather synopsis compilation / National Centre of Weather & Seismology.

-           Conduct other similar or related duties, such as updating navigational charts in accordance with Admiralty Notices to Mariner / Hydrographic note – Middle East Navigational Aids Society (MENAS) notices via the proper channels – Project Logistics TL.

-           Coordinate the maintenance of quay and quayside and observe their condition during and after being used and ensure that it is properly utilized without overloading the surface according to port principal specification. Ensure and maintain the permanent radio communication between radio room, helicopter “Air Band” radio and marine VHF. Be on-call duty roster officer for sea rescue, and any emergency 24/7.

-           Observe & improve waste management practices at Jetty and instruct all jetty users to segregate the waste as per ZADCO policy.

-           Observe the natural life, adaptation progress of all creature kind with the newly constructed Islands; report any vital issue with regard the environment to the UZ-HSE.

-           Ensure tidy and clean environment at Jetty area and around the Island shoreline.

-           Provide any calling vessels to Islands harbor with necessary assistance such as weather data report, tidal predication, safe approach information, and navigational warning if any, communication, medical assistance.

-           Improve the safety awareness at Jetty area and apply Work Permit Procedure for marine activities, cargo transportation, and emphasis on P.P.E. availability. Monitor and liaison the safe handling of the dangerous good according to maritime safety data sheet (MSDS) and/ related International Maritime Dangerous goods (IMDG) Code. From the dispatcher to ship at harbor and vice versa.

-           Coordinate with Logistics T/L, HSE T/L & MC Control in order to handle any emergency situation related to marine units operating within the harbor designated area (Port Limits) or surrounding area, work to clear the situation by prioritization of the response, to evacuate personnel injured (Medivac), support the damage control of concerned marine units; and consider vessel water tightness integrity at all times in order to maintain vessel buoyancy; evaluate situation and decide whether the unit could safely clear the port area providing that it could be clear outside the UZ concession area to eliminate the impact on the assets and possible closure of the harbor due to the unit grounded due to water flooding/capsize. Such harbor and field clearance should not jeopardize the field infrastructure safety. Which could create further dangerous consequences. Report any oil leakage resulted from any emergency to the Site Manager and take the primary steps to eliminate the risk according to his instructions.


June – August 2012: OOO Reserve Project, ul. Prospekt Vernadskogo, 78 str. 13, Moscow, Russia

Project Manager in the Rusalina Yacht Management Company

-           All operational details of the vessels including cruise preparation in details: itinerary, booking of berths, feed- back link to the Owners

-           Coordination between Company's departments: technical, travel, service and financial.

-           General planning of vessels schedule (season duration, cruises, temporary repairs, refit periods)

-           Crew composition, contract; bonuses or penalty to crew members and related matters.


August 2010 – October 2011: Van Oord Offshore, Jan Blankenweg 2, 4207 HN Gorinchem, Netherlands

Marine Coordinator in the Arkutun Dagi Field Development Project 2011, Sakhalin, Russia

-           Monitoring and coordination all vessel movements and related operations on site

-           Ensure that persons going offshore to vessels are adequately instructed, inducted and fit for duty for their assigned task before going offshore

-           Promote Van Oord Offshore  / Exxon Neftegaz Ltd. project safety and environmental values

Marine Coordinator in the Tartar Strait Crossing 2010 Project, Sakhalin, Russia

-           Coordination of Project related Vessel activities

-           Monitoring of Non Project related Vessel Traffic in the Strait

-           Monitoring Sea and Weather conditions in the field and relaying weather reports to vessels

         -        ERT Vessel coordination: during Emergency situation, Typhoon, etc.


November 2008 – May 2011:  JR Shipping BV, Korte Lijnbaan 25, 8861 NS Harlingen, the Netherlands

Master of Dutch container ships Somers-Isles (DWT 4665 mt), Echo (DWT 12130 mt, 2 x 40mt McGregor cranes), Evidence (DWT 13109 mt) and Bermuda Islander (DWT 3700 mt)


February 2008 –May 2008: Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd, 10 Mill Hill Rd, Cowes, IOW, PO31 7EA, UK

Captain of British general cargo ship Claudia C (DWT 5052 mt)


November - December 2007: Unicorn Petrol ve Kimya, Istanbul, Turkey

Operations Director in the Company operating two general cargo ocean-going vessels

-           Head of the Shipping Department

-           Crewing and Recruitment of shore personnel

-           Pre-purchase surveys


August 2004 – May 2007: Q-Shipping BV, Oever 7, 3161 GR Rhoon, the Netherlands

Captain of Dutch container ship Tradepoort (DWT 3335 mt, 2x40mt Liebherr cranes) and Gibraltar ice class A1 general cargo ship Brilliante DWT 5557mt)

Q Management System Course Instructor, St.Petersburg, Russia

Chief Officer of Dutch container ship Tradepoort (DWT 3335 mt) and ice class A1 general cargo ship Baltic Prestige (DWT 5557mt)


June 1994 - September 2003: 32, Chief Officer on dry cargo ships of Greek and Dutch Ship Owners.

  • Marine 24 years by 2016
  • Maritime 23 years by 2015
  • Ports 4 years by 2016
  • Master Mariner all ships
Abu Dhabi,
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