Friday, May 20, 2022
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Id like to get my experience & hard worth ethic to use on a boat & build a career of it!


(Caregiver, Claire Burnham) [November, 2011 - January 2013]

Burien, Washington

Duties include-

Meal preparation/service, emergency assistance

lifting and bathing, housekeeping and all duties

required as an NA (Nursing Assistant).

(Associate, Department Manager) [December, 2008 - Nov 2011]

with Cash and Carry]

Bellevue, Washington

Duties Included:

Responsibility for the supply and ordering of foods

and beverages for loading and stocking as well as

ordering of specialty items for several dependent

restaurants as well as the public in general. This

included several time-sensitive orders and following

my initial employment and training was promoted to

the position of Department Manager after 18


Consistently proven customer relations skills.


Maintenance Technician, Gran, Inc] [October, 2005 - August, 2008]

Seattle, Washington

Duties Included:

Crew Supervisor in charge of prioritizing duties,

initiating and handing out to fellow employees,

as well as scheduling and ordering supplies.

Technician for my employer as needed.

Served on team which evaluates new street-cleaning

machines, recommended model which reduced

work/crew time by five hours per week.


Obtained GED from North Seattle Community College in 1985.

Attended Washington State University from 1998 to 2000 for a

potential degree in Psychology. To be fulfilled at some later date

work permitting.

Other training and Certifications mentioned above.


I am trained and accredited (Certified) in Electrical (O7B)

Maintenance, including plumbing, appliance repair, vinyl installation,

painting up to and including familiarity in legal guidelines for

industrial chemical use and employee OSHA requirements.

I am trained and certified in CPR and first aid.

I have also been trained and certified as a TWIC (Transportation

Waterways Identification Credentials) which allows for/or can be

substituted for any background check with Homeland Security,


I have proven leadership skills, including the ability to provide

my employer with prompt and accurate customer service skills.

I enjoy working with the public as needed, or alone as well.

I have experience in ordering, shipping and receiving,

stockroom coordination, supplies and inventory control, department

management, and prioritizing daily and company-ordered objectives

for my employer and/or any employees placed under my direct

training or supervision.


  • MMC May 2012
Burien, WA,
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