Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Purchasing / Specification Manager
  • Custom clearance of material from custom
  • To check the material will be unloaded in SEZ area
  • Making statement of various contractors’ for free issue materials.
  • Maintain debiting register, inward register, stock register
  • Prepare the report of DUTY FORGEN value for the custom
  • Daily receipt/issue/stock report given to custom dept
  • Maintain debiting register, inward register, and stock register
  • S.E.Z. related reports like Receipt report, Issue report, consumption report, Material return report, Stock report on quarterly, half yearly & yearly basis & handed over to custom department.
  • Categorized all scrap like Hazardous & Non Hazardous Etc.
  • Provide and maintain separate storage facilities for various type of scrap.
  • Floating tenders, making comparative statement, negotiation and finalizing the annual rate contract for scrap disposal
  • Proper storage & disposal of hazardous waste as per Government rules & regulations.
  • Proper documentation.
  • Clear the Audit Complinces
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