Sunday, February 5, 2023
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I want to work in oil&gas industry , under contract terms, rotational 28/28 or 2/2.I have excellent skills of analysing, trobleshooting, diagnostic and repair for very large and asorted range of electrical , electronic and mechanical plants or systems.


I presently work in a new building shipyard , in China , as an electrical superintendent.My work consists in continously surveying, monitoring and checking of all phases of building till delivery of the vessels and to be in conformity with the approved plans and drawings and to meet the demands of Classification Register Class(Germanische Lloyd in our case).I have very good skills in analysing, diagnostics and repairs,with minimal supervision to all modern automated electrical and electronic sistems aboard of vessels. I attend the shoptests in the factories for various equipment like :Main Switch Boards, Alarm and Monitoring Systems, hydraulic and electrical load cranes, winches and windlasses,Diesel Generators and Main Engines (new model of common rail MAN B&W or Wartsila RT Flex).I very easy unterstand the principle of operation of majority of mechanical equipments.I also have experience with PLC's , Local Area Networks or Bus Communication system of the industrial computers .Different type of 4-20 mA sensors(pressure , temeperature, volume and level content in tanks),pick-up inductive sensors ,position sensors, thermocouples,flowmeters etc.





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