Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Finance / Legal / Risk Management
  • Draft legal opinions and guidelines to facilitate the implementation of relevant legislation as well as review of legal documentation.
  • Drafting legal documents and give legal advice to the Navy Headquarters and other organs of state.
  • Assist with drafting Service level agreements and policies.
  • Ensure that the Department complies with domestic and international law during conduct of operations and multi- national exercises.
  • Conduct research and provide negotiation support to the Navy.
  • Assist in facilitating compliance with PAIA and attendance of meetings as a member of the PIA Advisory Committee.
  • Providing legal inputs to Chief of the Navy.
  • Manage and be responsible for subordinates in the office.
  • Facilitate litigation and legal representation in co-operation with Director Legal Advice.
  • Reviewing and commenting on Boards of Inquiry, Memoranda of Understanding and Ministerial enquiries.
  • Organizing legal opinions and filing system in the office.
  • Legal Advisor at South African National Defence Force
  • MSc in Maritime Affairs
    Maritime at World Maritime University
    2015 - 2016
  • LLB degree
Pretoria, Gauteng,
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