Monday, January 30, 2023
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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew
I am looking a job as Master/Captain with consideration of promotion, presently sailing as a chief officer with experience of 30 months, holding class I CoC  (Master Mariner) from Pakistan & all STCW certificate relevant for my current job. 


 A challenging position at Sea utilizing my abilities developed through my education and experience with the opportunity for the professional growth based on performance.

Summary of Professional Qualification

  1. Certificate of Competency Class 1 Deck, Govt of Pakistan, Master Mariner, Foreign going CoC No-3831, Date of Issue 10-Novt-2015, Date of Expiry 18-11-2020.

Academic Qualification

                           Degree / Certificate                   Division / Grade           Board / Institute

                           Bachelor of Commerce                 2nd Division                    Karachi University

                          Intermediate (Pre-engineering)     2nd Division                    Govt. S.M. Science college

                          Metric (Science)                           1st Division                    Govt. boys Secondary school

                          I have completed cadet-ship from 1999 to 2005 in Arabian Marine & Marine fleet Management (pvt) Ltd. Singapore.

Professional Experience

Presently sailing as Chief officer on a Container Vessel.

Chief Officer:

  1.  As Chief officer I have managed to deal successfully with charterers, flag state control/Port State inspections and internal/external auditors.
  2. The superintendents and senior managers who have some kind of dealings with me have given high regards to my hard work and management skills.

3      Good skills in computers (software).

4      Good Command over English language combined with good analytical skills.

5      Strong sense of loyalty and integrity. 

Chief Officer:

  1. In order to get the first hand knowledge of all type of Container, Bulk Carrier/general Cargo, I moved to other companies as part of enhancing my knowledge of different types of vessels.

On Job Skills:

  1. Exceptionally skilled in the safe operation of vessels.
  2. Exceptionally skilled in the cargo operation of the ship.
  3. Control the stability, trim, draft, bending moments, shear forces and seaworthiness of the vessel as prescribed by the Company and relevant international rules and regulations.
  4. Ensure safe stability, trim and seaworthiness in connection with any ballast operation which might be raised e.g. with bunker-transfer, mid-ocean ballast exchange and any cargo operation.
  5. Control loading and unloading of cargo and its treatment during the voyage, is effectuated in accordance with applicable rules, instructions and contracts. To liaise with the ship's planners and vessel operations.
  6. Plans the ballast, F.w & fuel tank rotation for inspection and general maintenance.
  7. Control and supervise officers, ratings' daily working plans, associated with watch and work routines. Periodically monitor the work / rest hour planning for all officers and ratings in the deck and catering department to ensure that the rest hour requirements are being complied with.
  8. Examine within the scope of responsibility overtime forms prepared by officers and ratings.
  9. Instruct and supervise Officers and Ratings of the vessel in the use of safety, environmental protection, fire fighting and life saving equipment.
  10. Training of supervised personnel which includes: 
    - Orientation. 
    - Health and safety. 
    - Environmental protection. 
    - Use of manuals and procedures. 
    - Proper use of equipment. 
    - Standard operating practices.
  11. Manage and supervise checks, maintenance and repairs of deck and hull items.
  12. Thorough knowledge of the safe and proper methods for mooring ship.
  13. Immense ability to read and understand chart, radar, compass and other navigational devices.
  14. Uncommon ability to determine course, speed based on specialized knowledge of winds, weather, tides and current and strong radar endorsement.
  15. Remarkably coordinated; possess good vision and have great depth perception.
  16. Uncommon proficiency in the use of radio equipment on the ship to communicate with the Vessel Traffic Services, ships, pilot boats, etc.
  17. In-depth knowledge in the use of mooring procedures, maintenance and recognizing possible vessel problem.

Different Types of Cargoes Loaded:

I have prepared the vessels to load different types of bulk, break bulk and container Cargoes. Summary of few Cargoes loaded from different parts of world like Europe, Gulf, China, Africa & Brazil.

Russia, Europe, Far east  & Middle east  countries etc, as following

1      Different types of grain cargoes from various ports of world.

2      Coal and Iron ore from different ports .

3      Have experience of loading steel products like Hot /Cold Roll Coils.

4      Sugar and fertilizers in bags and bulk.

5      Also loaded multiple Cargoes in cargo hold/deck taking into account of broken stowage, stack weight and lashing/shoring required.

6      General Cargo in containers including IMDG Cargoes and reefer containers.

7       Have sound knowledge of the requirements of prior loading inspections, audits ports state inspections, dry-dockings, surveys and have successfully prepared vessels under my        command for the same on many occasions.

8      As part of my duties I have investigated various incidents and prepared numerous reports on a routine basis.

Present / Previous Employer

Pacific international lines (Pvt) ltd (Singapore)        24-02-2016 TO  TILL NOW

Sea Change ship Management (Singapore)               18-08-2013 TO  10-07-2015

Kuwait Gulf Link (KGL) Ship Management                 11-09-2012 TO  25-02-2013

MSC Ship Management (Hong Kong)                          28-02-2008 TO 09-05-2012

Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping lines                      07-05-2007 TO 01-12-2007

Marine Fleet Management (Pvt) Ltd                           26-03-2003 TO 27-10-2005

Arabian Marine                                                           25-10-1999 to 10-11-2000

Sailing Experience

PIL Singapore CH/OFF Container 17903 / 13547 15-10-16 24-02-17 04M 09D
PIL Singapore CH/OFF Container 14498 / 7725 24-02-16 07-06-16 03M 13D
Sea Change Singapore CH/OFF Container 29304 / 24724 21-03-15 10-07-15 03M 19D
Sea Change Singapore E CH/OFF Container 29266 / 24724 29-04-14 20-09-14 04M 21D
M.V KAMALA Sea Change Singapore CH/OFF Container 29277 / 24724 18-08-13 02-02-14 05M 14D
M.V MERJAN KGL Kuwait CH/OFF General Cargo / Container 11000 / 5487 11-09-12 25-02-13 05M 14D
M.V MSC MALIN MSC Hong Kong CH/OFF Container 21370 / 21586 23-02-12 09-05-12 02M 17D
MSC Hong Kong 2/OFF Container 45561 / 37679 22-02-11 30-08-11 06M 08D
M.V. MSC CHITRA MSC Hong Kong 2/OFF Container 38352 / 33113 29-05-09
26-08-09 02M 27D
M.V. MSC CHITRA MSC Hong Kong 3/OFF Container 38352 / 33113 20-02-09
28-05-09 03M 08D
M.V MSC HAILEY MSC Hong Kong 3/OFF Container 46967 / 38395 28-02-08 03-10-08 07M 06D
M.V IRAN SHAHRYAR I.R.I.S.L 3/OFF G.C / Container 22954 / 15670 15-06-07 30-11-07 05M 15D
M.V. IRAN FARS I.R.I.S.L 3/OFF Container 33757 / 25391 07-05-07 14-06-07 01M 08D
M.V PEARL Marine Fleet Management Deck Cadet General cargo 15097 / 9077 31-08-04 27-10-05 01Y 01M 26D
M.V BRIGHT STAR 1 Marine fleet Management Deck Cadet General cargo 15097 / 9077 26-03-03 19-05-04 01Y 01M 23D
M.V ROSE VENTURE Arabian Marine Deck Cadet Bulk Carrier 12680 / 5819 25-10-99 10-11-00 01Y 15D 

RANK                                                                                       Total Sailing Experience

Chief Officer                                                                             29 months 17 days

2 Officer                                                                                 09 months 05 days

3 Officer                                                                                 16 months 07 days

Cadet                                                                                       03 yrs 03 months 24 days

Nationality I sailed with them

Pakistani, Filipino, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Myanmar, Iranian,

Srilankan, Ukrainian & Ghanaian.

Various Courses and Certificates

Details of course / certificate name/title Certificate No Place of Issue Date of Issue Expiry
Advance Training in Fire Fighting AFF/5023/2016 Karachi, Pakistan 26-09-16 25-09-21
Proficiency in Elementary first aid EFA-8201/2016 Karachi, Pakistan 20-09-16 19-09-21
Proficiency in Medical first aid 2243 Karachi, Pakistan 18-02-15  
Proficiency in Medical care 1479 Karachi, Pakistan 18-02-15  
Proficiency in Personal safety & social responsibility PSSR-10181/2016 Karachi, Pakistan 05-09-16 04-09-21
Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques PST-9516/2016 Karachi, Pakistan 02-09-16 01-09-21
Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat 008403 Karachi, Pakistan 19-02-15  
Proficiency in Ship Security Officer SSO-005/2011 Karachi, Pakistan 05-01-11  
Bridge Team & Resource Management BTRM-024/2013 Karachi, Pakistan 06-08-13  
RADAR & ARPA (MAN LEVEL) ARPAM-0087 Karachi, Pakistan 07-11-09  
Oil tanker familiarization 347/2007 Karachi, Pakistan 07-03-07  
AD. Oil tanker course 0281/2007 Karachi, Pakistan 17-03-07  
EDH 460 Karachi, Pakistan 31-08-06  
HAZMAT DG-0019/2008 Karachi, Pakistan 13-02-08  
Marine Environment Protection Course MEPC-010/2012 Karachi, Pakistan 16-01-12  
ECDIS ECDIS/MAN-045/2013 Karachi, Pakistan 22-06-13  
ECDIS TRANSAS ECDIS-176/2016 Karachi, Pakistan 29-01-16  
ECDIS JRC ECDIS-082/2016 Karachi, Pakistan 02-02-16   

Additional Information

1      Port State Control: Various ports of the world carried out inspection by PSA inspectors and vessel prepared up to standard required by the Regs, during my duties my vessel never been fined or detained for any reasons except for minor deficiencies which were rectified on the spot or later in spite of old ages of the vessel I served.

2      U.S.C.G: Prior voyage to United States waters conducted thorough and very comprehensive inspection. Modified Fittings and fixture as required Code of Federal Regulations of United States, arranged equipments, conducted frequent Training sessions onboard staff. After arrival port of US, vessel inspected by USCG and vessel found fit and up to dated in all respects.

3      ISM: (International Safety Management) I have prepared the vessels for both the internal and external audits and as per our company’s policy carried out ISM training session’s onboard. I had been carrying out training and teaching programs as a Training Officer. 

4      ISPS: (International Ship and Port Facility Security)I am trained and certified Ship Security officer. Carried Training to ship staff onboard and prepared the vessels for survey and audits successfully. I have conducted comprehensive training to ship staff.

5      Have worked on AMOS D/ AMOS for windows for planned maintenance programs.  

6      P&I Clubs: I have managed to deal with P&I Clubs successfully while investigating various incidents and prepared numerous reports including cargo matters. During which time I was able to understand their policies/procedures and documentation required on different matters.

Shore Based Experience

  1.  M/S Globe Waves (03/2015 to upto 09/2016)

       Manger operation 

Responsibilities and job Descriptions:

  • Handling of FCL & LCL Cargo as freight forwarder.
  • Consolidation of cargo.
  • Import & taxation of used vehicle from Japan.
  • Customer services.
  • Handling of customer inquiries.
  • Project shipments.
  • Recovery of all payment / due invoices from the customers.
  • Preparation of invoices and follow up on outstanding payments with Customers and Overseas agents.
  1. M/S Global Lubricants (10/2012 Till now)


Responsibilities and job Descriptions:

  • Dealing with customer in lubricants and advices as per maker instruction and compatibility.
  • Provide technical support as required by customer.
  • Customer care & services.
  • Arrangement and delivery of different companies products as per customer demand.
  • Invoices, taxation, recovery & follow up against supply.
  • Handling of customer inquiries.


1     With over 18 years of experience in Maritime Industry and as Certified Master Mariner, I   

am highly motivated individual.  Stay focused to achieve goals.  Always prepared to help others.  Team player and believes in achieving goals for the team. I See teams success as my success.  Understands and respects others views and beliefs. Sensitive to others feelings. Quick learner and adaptable to different situations. Willing to learn new skills.

2     Having completed studies at school and college joined merchant navy. Worked on variety of ships for many years in various capacities.  Gained very valuable shipping experience.  Passed all Merchant Navy examinations and obtained certificate of competency as Master Mariner.

3     Have taken referral from new starters and junior colleagues and have helped in their development.

4     Excellent communication skills, also with peoples other nationalities.

5     Excellent interpersonal, leadership, and motivational skills.

6     English language: Fluent (understanding, writing and speaking).

Computer skills

  1.  One Year diploma in computer science.
  2. Very good in Microsoft OS as well as software and hardware installation for the computers.
  3. Ms-Office. (All Versions)
  4. Windows. (All Versions)
  5. Internet Surfing (All relevant activates through internet)
  6. Outlook Express
  7. Internet Explorer
  8. All about system software & Hardware Installations & many more ……
  9. Typing Speed : 40 WPM
Karachi, Sindh,
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