Monday, June 24, 2024
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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

I would describe myself as innovative, enthusiastic, energetic and

hard-working and I take responsibility seriously, always striving to

set and maintain high standards, I continuously strive to give my

best to those I work for. I thrive under pressure and work by my

motto and belief of “can do, will do”, enjoy getting my hands dirty

and leading by example and I enjoy training and teaching the staff

who make up my team. I consider myself to be a diligent organizer

who can plan and co-ordinate in a professional manner, ensuring

promptness, efficiency and a high quality of service to my

employer/client. My strong communication and interpersonal skills

enable me to interact effectively across a total spectrum of differing

culture and value systems and my “open door” management style

ensures that I am always approachable. I am a fast learner who

enjoys being faced with new challenges, operations and procedures.

I am extremely loyal and passionate about what I do and believe

that a man’s word is his bond.

Johannesburg, gauteng,
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