Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Sales / Marketing
Seeking Sales & Marketing Opportunities within the Boating and Marine Industry
I recently moved to Dunedin FL from landlocked Texas near Dallas and want to pursue a position in the Marine and Boating Industry.
Some of my Sales & Marketing background first..I am skilled and accomplished leader in both Director level and Sr. Manager positions handling Sales & Marketing functions for High Technology business sectors in Digital Printing for past 20 years for multi-national corporations with revenues exceeding $600 million. Designed and supervised the building of a high – technology center 23,000 sq ft showroom, demo center, shipping, and tech training facility with complete P&L Regional responsibility in Irving TX contributing revenues more than $5.5 million dollars towards our corporate goals. Managed over 8 employees for Mimaki USA in this center for a world leading Japanese manufacturer of Digital printers and cutting devices used in boat wraps, signage, graphic arts, decals, soft signage textiles and industrial printer platform products.  www.mimakiusa.com  I have worked for several Marinas during the weekends in Lake Lanier Georgia in the past doing part time work for weekends and holidays earlier in my career path.
Enough about my background and past, moving forward now..
I am currently looking for sales or marketing opportunities in the Marine and Boating Marketplace.  I can represent a Boating Manufacturer or Marine OEM Component suppliers selling to manufacturers or dealers. Skill strengths are in Sales, Marketing and Management using my talents and abilities.
My future goals and career desires is to now get out of Digital Print and back to my love of everything aquatic including Sales, Marketing, or Management opportunities for Marina and Boating organizations that could use my education, business background and experience for a position in this Maritime Marketplace.  Having recently moved from Dallas TX after 3 years of being landlocked from the Oceans, I am ready for a quality of life experience career change by working for a maritime business off the waters on the coast of Florida.
My family has always been around the Marine business with my Father as President of S.E.L. Maduro Stevedoring based out of Port of Miami, a Brother recently retired as a Longshoreman in Ft. Lauderdale and served in the USCG service.  I have always been around boats all my life growing up and handled my parents Bertram, Hatteras, and Egg Harbor boats during my time living in Miami while attending and graduating from the University of Miami -Rosenthiel School of Marine Science with a B.S. degree in Marine Sciences.
I know this is a detailed cover letter, but I really have a passion to work again in the Marine and Boating Marketplace in one form or another if your organization can see my “value proposition” and make the most of my talents and abilities in sales, marketing or management roles in your organization. I am prepared and open to discuss re-location if necessary as long as it is in Florida, as I am single, can re-locate, but do prefer the West coast of Florida.
I have a successful track record in my respective business sector today and references that you can reach out too once requested. My qualifications and business experience for reaching out to Marina facilities, Boating Manufacturers & Dealers or companies involved in the Boating Business: What I can do for you..
  • Meet annual revenue goals for operating budgets and managing expenditures with team members
  • Many years of OEM Sales experience for high technology devices and components
  • Have excellent social and business skills in dealing with executive management C level decision makers and experienced in selling capital equipment products over $3 million dollars if needed.
  • I understand the OEM sales cycle process and strengths are staying focused to time lines and closing business sooner than later. Experienced in removing roadblocks to decision making processes.
  • Can manage detailed technical development and integration projects by working closely with boating manufacturers and assigned dealers to implement your product for future installation success.
  • Understand complex technological products and how to sell these type of engineering innovations as I sold very high technology ceramic crystal piezo inkjet printing engines that require a great deal of technological and engineering understanding and integration into Digital Press Printers
  • I have talents to help with disputes, discrepancies or challenges that may occur in the selling, delivery or installation process.  Every problem can certainly be rectified with sound discussions and mutual respect for the issues at hand for a settlement resolution. 
  • I can manage without direct supervision and used to running my own “business within a business” while respecting my superiors supervision and guidance for a successful company business operation
  • Assist with any Trade show, boating events, conferences, or demonstrations necessary to promote your Brand across the USA. I have these skills while being a past Marketing Director of a Major Japanese company and understand this is important to promoting your brand.
  • I have experience and enjoy traveling to meet the various manufacturers and dealers who would interested in supplying their particular product as supplier or to current boat owners interested in upgrading their vessel with one of your products.
I can certainly send you my current Resume with my background in the Digital Printing Industry if requested but really needed to express my wanton desire to move into the marina and boating industry as soon as possible and not be looked down upon as not being involved in this boating & marine industry for most of my career as a deterrent in hiring consideration.  I can certainly bring a fresh attitude and offer new perspectives and ideas coming from the outside.  My value is what I can do with the products you offer for you manufacturers and/or boat dealers seeking sales personnel. We can make this a successful enterprise model for us both.
I have a “Passion for this market”  and will be successful because my love for the enjoyment of boating and proximity to the ocean now that I live in Florida again!  You will not be disappointed!
Resume and professional references submitted on request.
Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing back from you in the near future!



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