Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

For the last three years I was employed by Noble Drilling as Ballast Control Room Operator until December 2014.

Previous to this I worked for Maersk Drilling Australia for 3 years as BCO and Assistant Barge Engineer, before joining Maersk full time I worked for Offshore Marine Services Australia for a period of 4 years

I have 10 years’ experience in this field as a Ballast Control Operator and assistant barge engineer.


I have completed all stability and ballast control courses [Parts 1/2/3] from the ASSET college Aberdeen and have attended the required Maersk and Noble in house training courses in Management, Security and Safety systems for offshore establishment.

I have recently redone my Marine fire fighting and prevention, First aid at sea and PST/PSSR certificates and hold a GMDSS and General radio operator’s license.


Previous to working offshore I served in the South Africa Navy for a period of 23 years, firstly as a electronics technician, operations room and control room supervisor before obtaining my Bridge watch keeping officers certificate, as a qualified Bridge Watch Keeping Officer responsible for general bridge watch keeping duties and navigational duties whilst at sea, both onboard submarines and fleet replenishment tankers.


During my time in the S A navy I was designated as the Developmental and Training Officer, submarine flotilla being responsible for the training of future bridge watch keepers.


I am confident I will make a valuable contribution, and I welcome the opportunity to work as a Ballast Control Operator with the capacity to perform a broad range of responsibilities relating to rig start up, drilling operations, emergency response, fire and gas, accident and rig abandonment to name a few.

I am physically and mentally fit, and I am willing to work various shifts/rosters offering my 100% dedication, flexibility and commitment to work as an energetic member of a team away from home. I aim to perform all tasks to a high standard as I possess a strong work ethic, effective communication skills, and willingness to learn and follow others with the intent to lead by example as well. I am self motivated, performance and achievement orientated and takes full responsibility for achieving organizational goals and objectives. I have the ability to work well under pressure, to follow instructions and carry out tasks to the best of my ability.

  • Ballast Control Room Operator 10 years by 2015
Cape Town, Western Cape,
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