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GIS specia

list/ Hydrographic data specialist/ project manager/ team leader
An electrical- communication engineer with 4 years experience in research and development and 5 years professional experience in GIS, remote sensing, and hydrographic survey involving 3 years in leadership positions. I am an adaptive, energetic, competent, and ambitious personlooking always for a challenging position where I can demonstrate my knowledge, skills and capabilities with high potential in learning.

LiDAR, MBES, SBES data processing, and QC/QA                               Tidal modeling

Geographical and attribute data editing                                  Satellite Geometry                                                                       

Building topology and error corrections                                     leveling computations

Resolving datum shifts issues                                                         Geoids models development

Processing and analysis of geospatial data                                 Project Management and planning

        Complex Problem Solving                                                        Negotiating and leadership

        Scientific, technical and numerical skills                                Research and development

 professional experience  
Bayanat For Mapping and Surveying Services LLC                  2012- Present
  • Acting Team Leader of Sonar and LiDAR bathymetry data processing section      2015-Present
  • Developed and managed robust processes and frameworks of the day-to- day operations.
  • Monitored and improved the efficiency in delivery of the data processing services, and ensured that appropriate validation and data quality assurance processes are developed, implemented and maintained.
  • Established and implemented processes to ensure data quality within data processing in line with end user requirements.
  • Observed, analyzed, and solved processing difficulties elevated through the team operation.
  • Provided inspirational leadership to the processing team to drive innovation in delivery of service, and to motivate the team to implement a continuous improvement.
  • Project Manager of (Abu Dhabi Coastal and Inland Waters Hydrographic Survey) for the Department of Transports – Waterways Management (DOT)                                 2014-2015
  • Taking ownership for re orienting the project’s deviated schedule in a very high risk and completed the project within its cost and schedule in 6 months instead of 2 years.
  • Managed all aspects of the project from the initial job setup phase, planning, financial monitoring, daily operations, data processing, multi resources, equipment and rotation of staff through to final delivery and project completion with effective decisions making.
  • Monitored the work and the plans were adapted to accommodate changes continuously.
  • Client, subcontractors, and inter departments liaison to define and direct project goals, objectives, critical success factors, milestones, and risks.
  • Full Authority to commit the resources and the budget required to mitigate risks as they occurred to complete the work.
  • Organized and structured the department in a PMO vision with assigning and leading 9 team leaders in the majors of coordination, procurements, data acquisition, data processing, and quality control with more than 60 staff underneath toward the project success.
  • Reported and presented regularly the project progress to the organization’s CEO and COO, the client, and the stakeholders.
  • Leaded technical meetings and presentations with the COO, stakeholders, client and its subcontractor responding technical inquires.
  •  Taking ownership of defining technical factors of ellipsoid- LAT separation for bathymetric LiDAR survey to solve datum issues within project data.
  •  Taking ownership of solving and defining LAT values within the project survey area.
  •  Brought the project team, and the department together to understand important and missing hydrographic technical definitions.
  •  Taking ownership of creating a reporting and documenting system within the project team and the department including tidal calibration reports, survey and processing and quality check progress report.
  •  Prompted the feature detection, quality check and quality control understanding to the project team and the department.
  •  Taking ownership of introducing the BAG file and the metadata and define the gridding and uncertainty methods within the project and the department.
  • Taking ownership of introducing the maritime bathymetry extension to the department to replace the department file system with a DBMS.
Ø Assistant Project Manager of (Bathymetric Survey of the Western Region- ABU DHABI) for Abu Dhabi Port Company (ADPC)                                                                                             2013
  • Assisted the project manager (field-based) in developing project control systems for inclusion in the project execution plan (office- based).
  • Reviewed, assessed and evaluated the execution of the project on regular basis.
  • Ensured the completion of the project in a timely manner and within the budgetary limits.
  • Developed weekly progress reports on timely basis.
  • Wrote, maintained, managed, and documented all the project related reports (including final project report).
  • GIS and Hydrographic Survey Specialist Engineer                                                      2012- present
v All the technical operations under the specialty
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)                                          2007-2010                                                                               

  • Supervisor of Abu Dhabi region for UNC-UAE indoor air, health, and nutrition study (400 households through the UAE). A joint collaboration between the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and United Arab Emirates University sponsored by Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi                                                          June 2008  December 2010

  • Supervised 4 teams of researchers, each consisted of 4 team members in Abu Dhabi region.
  • Managed all aspects of logistics, personnel, and equipment.
  • Supplied team's members with different information of households, required equipment and organizing their visits.
  • Solved problems with DMS (Data management system), software that was used for the study.
  • Accomplished the project with outstanding results within the planned time and the budget by the stakeholder’s testimonies.
    • Several years of research experience in UAE University (Medicine College) as a research assistant.                                                                                                                                           2006-2008
      • Actively participated and carried out fieldwork  
      • Sufficiently illustrated research proposals and methods with a team of scientists.
      • Successfully completed, analyzed, and documented projects results.

education and courses
  • 2017    UAEU- Master of Remote Sensing and GIS, UAE.
  • 2016    Four Dimension Education /co. Bayanat for Mapping and surveying Services- Communication skills including email etiquette, UAE.
  • 2016    Four Dimension Education /co. Bayanat for Mapping and surveying Services-              Time management and effectively meeting deadlines, UAE.
  • 2015    The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office; Hydrographic data processing and marine cartography- MBES Processing CARIS HIPS and SIPS 9.0, UAE.
  • 2013    Optech- SHOALS GCS Software Training Program, UAE.
  • 2012    QPS- Fledermaus Basic Training Course Version 7.3.2b, UAE.
  • 2011    Cambridge Institute - Project Management Professional (PMP), 35 PDUs, UAE.
  • 2010    UNC-UAE indoor air, health and nutrition study by UAEU, UNC, and EAD- Certificate of appreciation and completion of the study, UAE.
  • 2008    UAEU- Bachelor of Electrical Engineering/ Communication, GPA: 3.2, UAE.
  • 2002    Al Manaseer Secondary School- High School Certificate/Science – 95.5%, UAE.
technology skills
  • Excellent computer application skills MS Office.
  • Proficient in MS Project
  • Proficient in ESRI ArcGIS, Global Mapper, and Google Earth.
  • Proficient in Hydrographic processing software; HYPACK 2012-2014, Fledermaus, SHOALS-3000, Applanix, and Caris.
  • Skilled in Geoids modeling using Surfer 7, and Geoid.
  • Knowledge in Tidal analysis and predictions using Geo-tide software.
  • Proficient in ENVI for satellite and aerial image processing.
  • Excellent working knowledge of Statistical Analysis ( e.g.:, SPSS Statistical Software)
  • Experience with relational database management systems and SQL (e.g. SQL Server).
  • Experience with web-based mapping and data visualization platforms (e.g.; ArcGIS online).
Key skills
  • Strong knowledge of techniques, tools, and standards for managing, planning, executing, and monitoring and controlling multi projects.
  • Excellent and resilient in resources delegating, managing, and motivating.
  • Brilliant in presenting to senior levels of management, and working with high level stakeholders.
  • Quickly grasp and master new concepts.
  • Bright ability to work independently, multi-tasked, and team work.
  • Great technical leadership for conservation projects and initiatives through spatial data.
  • Consistent contributions to contracts, proposals, and project reports.

Abu Dhabi,
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