Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Engineer  / Naval Architect

Kyle John MacMartin

 I have a proven work ethic at college by finishing each year as an A grade student and at sea by receiving a letter of recommendation from the Chief Engineer confirming my technical capabilities, dependability and enthusiasm to become an Engineering Officer of the Watch. In the last year of college, I worked towards gaining the Professional Development Award in Marine Management (SCQF LEVEL 9). I also produced a dissertation with a presentation on the options available to shipping companies to comply with the IMO Emissions Cap 2020. All of which have allowed me to develop my skills in communication, leadership and project management and I realise how important these skills are to a safe and efficient working environment.

Key Skills

·        Technical abilities to junior engineer level.

  • I stay calm and collective when under pressure.
  • I am a very organised individual; I find this to be a necessity in order to complete jobs efficiently.
  • Clear and concise communicator, understanding of language barriers and cultural differences.
  • I am also creative minded and can adapt in different scenarios.  
  • I can collaborate with others to reach a common goal.
  • I can use my own initiative identifying jobs to be done.
  • I love the challenge of solving problems by coming up with intricate solutions to get the best possible outcome.
  • I am very conscious of the technological advancement of this generation and I constantly updating myself on the new software and systems.
  • Gaining an acute eye for detail noticing trends and abnormalities within the engine room readings, along with listening and feeling for any abnormal sounds and vibrations.



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    Training Provider: V.Ships

Completed 5 Phase training Program in conjunction with The City of Glasgow College

Outward Bound Leadership Course

Cadetship Recruitment- Involved in interviewing prospective cadetship candidates

Senior Cadet Role in Phase 4 assisting junior cadets onboard with studying & motivational issues



Webhelp UK, Dunoon, Scotland.

Providing advice and support to Vodafone business customers.

Troubleshooting problems and passing them on to relevant departments if necessary.

Detailing & preparing a concise information dossier for the job.



Loch Fyne Oysters, Cairndow, Scotland.

Customer service skills.

Serving customers in the restaurant and corporate private events held at the head office.

Maritime Qualifications and Experience

Jan.’19-Mar.’19 (3mths.)

Nov.’17-MAR.’18 (4mths.)