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Subsea Cable Installed on HiWave-5 Wave Energy Project

October 5, 2022

Image courtesy CorPower

CorPower Ocean and Maersk Supply Service report the successful install of a 6.2km subsea export cable off the coast of northern Portugal to energise the flagship HiWave-5 Project.

The 100-tonne cable was installed using the Maersk Achiever vessel and will provide power and data connection from an on-land substation in Aguçadoura to the wave energy demon-stration site 5.5km offshore.

CorPower is now gearing up for the arrival of the C4 PTO (Power Take Off) system, which has completed a one-year dry test program in Sweden. Once transported the PTO will be integrated with a composite hull, which was custom built at CorPower Ocean’s Portuguese base, in Viana do Castelo – home to its innovative Composite Hull Development Program.

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