Thursday, August 6, 2020

Solstad Offshore Wins Contracts for CSVs

January 10, 2019

Image: Solstad Offshore

Norwegian offshore service and supply ship shipping company Solstad Offshore has secured work for two of its offshore construction vessels.

First, the company signed a contract with DeepOcean AS for the CSV Normand Jarstein. The contract will commence in March for the 2019 season, with further options for 2020 and 2021.

DeepOcean will mobilise two WROV systems onboard and use the vessel on their projects within the oil and gas and renewables sectors.

Further to the above Solstad is pleased to announce that Rever Offshore UK Limited (earlier known as Bibby Offshore) have declared their 2019 option for charter of the CSV "Normand Clipper".

Operations will be in the North Sea and the contract period is minimum 120 days firm. Commencement of the contract is between 15th March and 15th April 2019.

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