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LLOG Exploration Reports Deepwater Exploratory Discovery

January 15, 2019

The  deepwater exploration company operating primarily in the Gulf of Mexico  reported the drilling of a successful discovery on its Nearly Headless Nick exploratory prospect on Mississippi Canyon Block 387 in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana-based company said that it has drilled  successful  discovery  on  LLOG’s  exploratory  prospect,  Nearly  Headless  Nick,  in Mississippi  Canyon  387

Brought  online  five  new  fields  in  2018,  of  which  four  initiated  production  in  the  fourth  quarter, adding  a  total  of  eight  new  producing  wells  in  2018, it said.

It also revealed that the five  LLOG-operated  fields  represents  over  half  of  the  nine  total  fields  brought  online  in  the entire  Deepwater  GOM

The company is forecasting  three  new  fields  being  brought  online  in  2019  from  five  wells.

"Four  additional  development  wells  from  existing  fields  also  expected  to  be  brought  online  in 2019," it said.

Progressing  10  development  projects  as  a  result  of  prior  exploratory  successes Philip  LeJeune,  President  and  CEO  of  LLOG,  commented,  “We continue  to  build  on  the many accomplishments  that  we  have  achieved  at  LLOG  in  the  deepwater  GOM.  We  had  a  number  of significant  achievements  in  2018,  including  bringing  on  eight  new  wells,  continued  exploration successes  and  being  named  operator in  new  projects."  

Philip also said: "At  our Delta  House  FPS,  our  continued discoveries  and  new  well  productivity  has  exceeded  our expectations,  resulting  in  our Delta  House platform  currently  operating  at  maximum  capacity.  In  2018,  there  were  nine  new  fields  brought  online across  the  GOM,  and  we  are  proud  that  LLOG  was  the  operator  of  five  of  those  fields.  All  of  these accomplishments  are  evidence  of  our ability  to continue  to execute  on  our  strategy  of  generating deepwater prospects  in  areas  of  proven  success  near existing  infrastructure  that  can  be  drilled, developed  and  placed  on  production  efficiently  and  economically."

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