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Kongsberg Digital Rolls-out Digital Twin Technology

August 27, 2018

Kongsberg Digital launched their new digital twin - groundbreaking technology connects the digital and physical worlds to enable efficiency throughout the production lifecycle-  after a successful feasibility study with Equinor.

The new twin is a virtual model of unmanned production facilities for oil and gas. Combined with Kongsberg’s Kognifai solution it becomes a collaborative arena allowing users onshore to explore planned or existing assets offshore.

It delivers intimate understanding of operations, behavior, maintenance, costs, performance, and much more. Available on any digital device – from pads to desktops or VR glasses – the twin recreates all the characteristics of real assets in an advanced, data-enriched 3D visualization.

“The digital twin for production facilities allows us to help our customers transform the way they do business and operate in complex industrial settings,” observes Hege Skryseth, Executive Vice President of Kongsberg and President of Kongsberg Digital.

Hege adds: “Integrating previous disparate data together in a single, secure and user-friendly cloud-based platform will provide a multitude of benefits to our customers when connected to our digital platform. Everyone from the engineer in the control room to the CEO in her office will get real time insight into platform operations, and will be able to make better informed decisions.”

The results of the feasibility study with Equinor prove that dynamic simulation is key to the potential of the digital twin. When 3D and physical models, enterprise systems, and process simulators are integrated into the twin, the operator can leverage historical, real-time, and predictive data to optimize workflows and specific operations throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

Using the digital twin will improve design quality and processes, enhance cross-discipline collaboration, reduce project and operational risks, and diminish overall environmental footprint. It will also enable autonomous, unmanned, and remotely operated assets for oil and gas production facilities.

The digital twin is a major leap forward for collaborative processes in oil and gas production. It will lead to improved decision support and introduce tangible operational and financial efficiencies.

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