Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Japan Ink LNG Supply Deal with China

January 30, 2019

Image: Shizuoka Gas

Japanese natural gas utility and supplier Shizuoka Gas signed an LNG sale and purchase agreement with Clean Energy in China for the delivery of chilled fuel from the Shimizu LNG terminal in ISO containers.

Shizuoka Gas has been seeking further utilizations of Shimizu LNG terminal since 2017 when it made a success of reloading LNG through the reloading facility.

According to Japanese gas company, this is the first binding term contract in Japan to transport LNG through ISO tank containers to China where gas demand is rapidly increasing.

LNG to be supplied from Shizuoka Gas would be delivered to Taishan Gas Group and Rizhao Public Transport Group in China through Clean Energy and Ants Energy as a LNG selling company under Dalian Inteh Holdings.

Shizuoka Gas is continuously committed to pursuing the possibilities for satisfying various customer requests by increasing transaction volumes at Shimizu LNG Terminal and taking advantage of liquidity in expanding global LNG market.

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