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Fred. Olsen 1848 Introduces Floating Solar Array

June 21, 2023

Source: Fred. Olsen 1848

Fred. Olsen 1848 has introduced near and offshore floating technology it has named BOLETTE.

The company says it has overcome the main challenge for floating solar, particularly in marine environments: how to handle wave loads in combination with wind.

BOLETTE achieves this by allowing the PV modules to move freely and independently within a rope mesh, distributing the forces to the mooring system.

BOLETTE enters the market at an advanced technological stage, and with a final tank test successfully completed. Fred. Olsen 1848 will install a 150kW pilot in Norway during summer 2023. Following a plan to install a first commercial 3MW unit in 2024, the aim is to deliver further commercial projects from 2025 and onwards.  

The company says BOLETTE is designed with an integrated solution for operation and maintenance. It is easily scalable and can be tailored to each individual project. All components are easily sourced, and as such, BOLETTE leverages an existing global supply chain and supports a sustainable industry. All components are tagged and can be recycled after decommissioning.

“BOLETTE is designed in a very cost-efficient manner to follow the motion of the ocean, even in offshore conditions. We believe BOLETTE’s elegant simplicity is a game-changer unlocking the potential of floating solar,” said Sofie Olsen Jebsen, CEO of Fred. Olsen 1848.

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