Thursday, March 22, 2018

Turkey News

Serbia, Russia Revive Gas Pipeline Plans

Photo: Gazprom

Russia and Serbia have revived an idea of building a gas pipeline in the Balkan country, a project that would enable Gazprom to step up its gas supplies to Europe, bypassing Ukraine. The Serbian pipeline will be linked to Bulgaria and Hungary via two interconnectors to ship Russian gas from the TurkStream pipeline. The Vienna-based Energy Community Secretariat, which transposes EU energy standards to aspiring member states, criticised the project saying the true aim was to bring Russian gas from TurkStream to the Baumgarten hub near Vienna, not to diversify gas supplies to Serbia.

Turkey Frets After Putin Picks it for Major Gas Role

Russia's offer of a centre stage role in its revised gas export plans to Turkey, after President Putin killed off the South Stream pipeline to southeast Europe, has been greeted with more muted applause in Ankara than Moscow might have hoped. Privately, Turkish energy officials say it important that the planned prestige gas link with Azerbaijan, in which Turkey has a stake, should not be jeopardised. Russian offers of cheaper gas were also treated with some caution. Visiting Turkey on Monday…

Turkey Spurred on to Wean Itself Off Russian Gas

Turkey is expected to step up efforts to diversify its supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with the addition of new import terminals to lessen its reliance on gas from Russia, with floating terminals likely to be the speediest solution. Russia is Turkey's top gas supplier but their growing estrangement over the Syrian conflict is souring trade relations and threatening to reshape commodity flows. Russia imposed sanctions on some Turkish goods after Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 bomber plane on Nov. 24, saying it had violated its airspace, while Russia says the plane never flew out of Syrian airspace.

Turkey Formally Announces Nuclear Energy Agreement with China

Turkey published in its official gazette a deal with China for cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy on Friday, a step needed to open the way for China to potentially build Turkey's third nuclear power plant.   The deal was originally signed in 2012 but such international agreements only go into effect in Turkey once they are published in the gazette.   Russia is building Turkey's first nuclear plant, while a Japanese-French consortium will build its second in the north. China is among countries interested in building a third plant.   (Reporting by Ece Toksabay)

Turkey presses for delay-free Algerian LNG

Turkey hopes to renew its liquefied natural gas (LNG) contracts with Algeria but it must first ensure that deliveries are timely, Energy Minister Taner Yildiz told reporters. Turkey's contract to acquire 4 billion cubic metres (bcm) of LNG from Algeria's Sonatrach expires at the end of the year, and officials from both countries are in talks to renew it, Yildiz said. "We want to renew this contract, and they do as well. We have reached a basic understanding but we made it known that we do have a couple of wishes, the most important of which is that we want the deliveries made on time," he said.

Russia's South Stream Pipeline Could Run to Turkey

Russia's controversial South Stream pipeline, which would transport gas via the Black Sea into Europe towards the end of the decade, received support from Turkey on Wednesday when Ankara said it may let the conduit pass through its territory. Turkey would consider granting access for the line if Moscow made such a request, Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said. The subject is one of a series of issues including increased gas supply, gas price revisions and nuclear power that Turkey and Russia are set to take up in talks in Ankara next week, according to Turkish officials.

Plans to Boost Blue Stream’s Capacity to 19 bi cu mtrs

Blue Stream with Russian gas

Moscow hosted today a working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Taner Yildiz, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey. It was agreed to load Blue Stream with Russian natural gas to full capacity as soon as possible in order to satisfy the growing demand of Turkish consumers. In this regard, it was pointed out that the volumes of Russian natural gas supply to Turkey would hit a historic record this year – 30 versus last year's 26.6 billion cubic meters.

NATO Overcomes Tensions to Set Terms of Aegean Mission

Photo: Greece's Hellenic Navy

NATO allies have overcome territorial sensitivities between Greece and Turkey and agreed on how their ships will help counter the criminal networks smuggling refugees into Europe across the Aegean Sea, NATO's chief said on Thursday. After late-night talks in Brussels, NATO envoys set out how ships already sent to the Aegean, including Turkish and Greek vessels, will pass reconnaissance to Turkish and Greek coastguards and to the European Union border agency, Frontex, as well as returning to Turkey any migrants NATO crews rescue.

Russian Gas Flowing to Turkey as Normal

Russian gas supplies to Turkey are flowing normally, despite the row between the two countries after Turkey shot down a Russian air force jet, a source in Russian gas giant Gazprom said on Thursday.   The source said gas was flowing at close to capacity via both main routes to Turkey: a pipeline via the Balkans and the Blue Stream route under the Black Sea.     (Reporting by Denis Pinchuk)

Turkey to Meet Any Russian Gas Shortfall With Qatari LNG

Turkey is negotiating with Qatar about purchasing liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the spot market in a bid to help cover any shortfall in Russian gas supplies, Turkish government sources told Reuters on Wednesday.   Turkey relies heavily on Russian energy imports but relations between the two countries have chilled sharply after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane last week.     (Reporting by Orhan Coskun)

Additional Russian Gas for Turkey Deal Likely

Image courtesy of Gazprom

An additional 3 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas may flow from Russia to Turkey by end-2015 if a deal is reached on the price, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz told Reuters late on Wednesday. Earlier this week, Turkey and Russia agreed to raise the capacity of the Blue Stream pipeline, which brings in Russian gas via the Black Sea, to 19 bcm annually from 16 bcm. Yildiz also said Kazakh gas may begin flowing to Turkey by the end of this year. (By Orhan Coskun & Ece Toksabay)    

Turkey and Iran Gas Spat to be Concluded by May

A price dispute between Turkey and Iran for gas imports taken to the international arbitration court is likely to be finalised by May, Turkey's energy minister said on Monday. Turkey has taken Iran, from which it imports 10 billion cubic meters of gas annually, to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Switzerland in January 2012 after Tehran rejected Ankara's complaint that the price was too high. Reporting by Orhan Coskun

Turkey Grants Permission for Turkish-Stream Offshore Research

Turkey has granted permission for offshore research relating to the planned Turkish Stream gas pipeline, Russia's Gazprom said on Monday. "Turkey has granted permission for an engineering survey of the offshore section of Turkish Stream," Gazprom said in a statement. Gazprom plans to build the pipeline to Turkey to provide gas to Europe without going through Ukraine, but it has no firm agreement with Ankara and faces opposition from the European Union.   (Reporting by Jack Stubbs and Polina Devitt)

Three Bidders All Eye Istanbul Gas Grid

Turkey will start the sale of Istanbul's IGDAS gas grid this month, with Russia's Gazprom , Japan's Marubeni Corp and Turkey's Enerya and Aygaz among the interested bidders, sources close to the process said. The IGDAS network serves more than 5 million customers in Turkey's largest city and sold 5 billion cubic metres of gas last year, generating 4.6 billion lira ($2 billion) of revenue and a 279 million lira net profit. "Appetite is huge for the distribution network of a city with the most consumption in the country.

ExxonMobil in Talks With Turkey Over Shale Gas Exploration

U.S. oil firm ExxonMobil is in talks with state-run Turkish Petroleum Corporation over a venture to explore for shale gas in the country's southeast and northwest regions, a Turkish energy official said. Exxon held talks with TPAO in 2012 to over a partnership in shale, but the negotiations were inconclusive. Turkish officials say talks have since advanced and are likely to result in an agreement. "ExxonMobil is coming to Turkey to partner up with TPAO," Selami Incedalci, the head of the energy ministry's General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs, said late on Sunday.

Siemens Wins Tender for Turkish Wind Power Project

Turkey picked Germany's Siemens as the winning bidder for a $1 billion wind power project on Thursday, a sign Ankara wants to keep business separate from the widening diplomatic row between the NATO allies. Relations have deteriorated amid the crackdown that followed the failed coup in Turkey last year. The arrest last month of 10 rights activists, including a German, prompted Berlin to say it would review arms deals with Turkey. Ankara has sought to reassure German investors, saying their business in Turkey is not at risk.

Iraqi Chaos Seen Slowing, Not Scuppering Turkish Export Drive

The chaos in Iraq could cost Turkey some $2-2.5 billion in lost trade this year, slowing efforts to boost exports and rebalance the economy, but the long-term impact will be negligible unless the situation deteriorates sharply, economists said. Exports to Iraq, Turkey's second largest foreign market, fell 19.3 percent to $745 million in June, data from the Turkish Statistics Institute showed on Friday, a sharp decline but broadly in line with expectations. A lightning advance by the Sunni insurgent group Islamic State…

Iraq Files Arbitration Request against Turkey over Kurdish Oil

The Iraqi government filed a request on Friday for arbitration against Turkey and pipeline firm BOTAS with the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce over the selling of oil from Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. "The Ministry of Oil of the Republic of Iraq announced today that it has filed a request for arbitration against the Republic of Turkey and its state-owned pipeline operator BOTAS," the government said in a statement. Iraq said it was seeking to stop the "unauthorized transportation…

Gazprom to Partner Turkey to Supply Gas

Running under the Black Sea, the Blue Stream gas pipeline secures annual direct supplies of some 16 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas to Turkish consumers, starting from 2003.

Moscow hosted today a working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Taner Yildiz, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey. The meeting addressed the issues of strategic partnership, in particular, the prospects for cooperation deepening in natural gas supplies from Russia to Turkey. The parties noted that Turkey was among top consumers of Russian 'blue fuel' for many years and Russia, in its turn, was a reliable provider of natural gas for the Turkish economy, thus covering nearly 60 per cent of the country's total consumption.

Cyprus: No Gas Pipeline to Turkey Until Relations Are Mended

Turkey needs to mend relations with Cyprus before the Cypriot government will allow a Turkish-Israel gas pipeline to cross its territory, a government spokesman said on Tuesday. Israel reported massive natural gas discoveries in 2010 and is exploring export outlets, among which is a pipeline to Turkey. But to reach Turkey a pipeline would have to traverse the territorial waters of Cyprus, which was split into ethnic Greek and Turkish enclaves by a Turkish invasion in 1974. "Everyone understands that it's not possible for a state under occupation to approve a pipeline going to the occupying power…