Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Denmark Receives Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Application

Posted by April 3, 2017

The Danish Energy Agency has received an application from Nord Stream 2, a consortium consisting of Russia's Gazprom and international partners, seeking permission to construct part of a disputed pipeline through Danish waters.
"The Danish Energy Agency will now look into the matter," it said in a statement.
Last week, the European Union said it was seeking a mandate from members to negotiate with Russia over objections to its plans to build the pipeline to pump more gas to Europe via the Baltic Sea to Germany.
Eastern European and Baltic Sea states fear a new pipeline will increase their dependence on Russian gas and undermine Ukraine's gas transit role, while Germany and other beneficiaries in northern Europe back the plan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is purely economic and not directed against other countries.


Reporting by Stine Jacobsen 

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