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WinGD, Alfa Laval Team to Advance Ammonia-powered Engines

December 12, 2023

Test engine in WinGD Engine Research and Innovation Center. Image courtesy WinGD

Alfa Laval and WinGD established a partnership in which Alfa Laval will deliver two fuel supply systems (FSS) for testing WinGD’s ammonia-fuelled engine in early 2024, a step in the development of ammonia as a future fuel for marine vessels.

Alfa Laval will deliver the FSS for the injector test system and FSS for the engine test bench in early 2024. The project is in the framework of WinGD’s and Alfa Laval's earlier agreement for cooperation on methanol and ammonia, signed in 2022. This gives both companies the chance to optimise the overall fuel supply and use it for later application onboard.

"Strategic collaboration, like this one with WinGD, represents a definitive pathway towards achieving decarbonisation and fuel transition,” said Viktor Friberg, Head of Marine Separation & Fuel Supply Systems, Alfa Laval. “We have expanded our technological expertise to be ready with solutions for ammonia engines in alignment with our ambition. This joint research and development project is an efficient pathway to facilitate the use of one more alternative fuel.”

This project will provide a testing environment to help both the companies carry out development activities of the engine and equipment associated with it. Alfa Laval will also investigate and develop a mitigation system to secure safe handling of ammonia.

Viktor Friberg, Head of Marine Separation & Fuel Supply Systems, Alfa Laval. Image courtesy Alfa Laval

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