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Turbine Brings New Wave of Energy to Gladstone Port

November 28, 2018

Image: Gladstone Ports Corporation

Australia's Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) is continuing to progress its renewable energy initiatives, with a tidal turbine deployed at its Barney Point Terminal in Gladstone.

It is part of a six month trial aimed at demonstrating how tidal flows at the Port of Gladstone can be harnessed to produce electricity, according to a press release from the Queensland's largest multi-commodity port and the fifth largest multi-commodity port in Australia.

GPC has partnered with MAKO Turbines Pty Ltd for the demonstration, which is the first of its kind in Australian tropical waters using port infrastructure.

Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher said it is an exciting day to see the turbine in action at one of Queensland’s largest trading ports.

“GPC may be best known for facilitating trade, but this is a clear demonstration of its commitment to sustainability and innovation,” Mr Butcher said.

“Through its partnership with MAKO, GPC has helped to unlock a new, predictable renewable energy option that can be embraced by other ports across Queensland.”

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the project is a strong endorsement of the Queensland Government’s commitment to its renewable target.

“Initiatives such as this tidal turbine demonstration demonstrate that we are well on the way to achieving our goal of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030,” Minister Bailey said.

“We are thrilled to see a Government Owned Corporation such as GPC embracing this goal and inspiring other Queensland industries to further their investigations into renewables.”

GPC CEO Peter O’Sullivan said the tidal energy demonstration is just one element in the Corporation’s renewable energy journey.

“2018 has been a breakthrough year for GPC in terms of furthering our investigations around renewable energy,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“Not only have we started to install solar panels at our sites, but we have also taken advantage of our port surrounds by partnering with MAKO in investigating cost-effective and reliable electricity through tidal energy.”

MAKO Turbines Pty Ltd CEO Douglas Hunt said there is enormous potential in Queensland to harness ocean energy.

“The demonstration at the Port of Gladstone highlights how successfully an energy source can be tamed through innovation and strong partnerships,” Mr Hunt said.

“Projects such as this are instrumental in developing innovative new technologies and the vision of GPC’s stakeholders and management has been a big factor in the success of the MAKO.”

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