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The Path to Zero: Amasus Shipping inks deal to power M/V EEMS Traveller with Wind

March 29, 2022

Image courtesy Amasus Shipping/bound4blue

The M/V EEMS Traveller, owned and operated by the Dutch shipowner Amasus Shipping, will start harnessing the power of wind. The 91 meters length general cargo vessel will be retrofitted with two 17-metre-high eSAILs during a port call in 2022. A similar unit was installed by bound4blue in December 2021 on M/V La Naumon, being the largest suction sail ever built and installed on a ship.

The suction sails are expected to reduce the 2,850 dwt ship’s fuel costs and annual CO2 emissions by up to 30 percent in favorable trade routes. The installation will also reduce the vessel’s Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and improve the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), further extending its compliance with the IMO measures aimed at reducing the carbon intensity of international shipping.
“Our eSAIL is a commercially available, proven and reliable technology that turns wind into profit while reducing the carbon footprint of ships," said José Miguel Bermúdez, CEO of bound4blue. 

"We feel that wind is one of the most sustainable energy sources available and should be used for all our benefit if possible," said Arend-Jan Rozema, Managing Director of Amasus Shipping. "Reducing energy consumption by combining multiple techniques is the best pathway towards sustainable shipping."

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