Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Technology Readiness Levels Defined for Oil Spill Response

November 24, 2015


Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) staff participated in a workgroup meeting at the bureau's Ohmsett facility in Leonardo, N.J., as part of the workgroup’s efforts to define Technology Readiness Levels for use in the oil spill response community.

BSEE staff discussed the criteria that could be used to determine the readiness of technology with equipment manufacturers, industry, and facility representatives, drawing from their different perspectives and expertise. These discussions are part of the BSEE-funded project Technology Readiness Level Definitions for Oil Spill Response Technologies and Equipment. The project’s goal is to develop a uniform and objective method to quantify the maturity level of a new technology from concept to use offshore. Adoption of such a methodology will help the response industry understand the state of various emerging technologies related to oil spill response such as skimmers, in situ burn, remote sensing, and common operating pictures. It will also ensure that development of these technologies moves forward in as direct and cost-effective path as possible.

BSEE maintains and operates the Ohmsett facility, which is used by government agencies, private companies, academic organizations and international organizations to conduct oil spill response research, testing and training.

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