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Technip Technology for Chinese Ethylene Plant

February 25, 2016

Courtesy Technip

Technip announced today that it has entered into a contract to supply its proprietary ethylene technology, Process Design Package, technical services and proprietary equipment to SP Olefins (Taixing) Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of SP Chemicals(1), for a 650 KTA grassroots gas cracker. Located in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, China, the plant will use low cost ethane and propane from North America. It will be part of SP Olefins 1100 KTA Light Hydrocarbon Utilization Project.

Key proprietary technology components include:
- Technip’s USC furnaces and Heat-Integrated Rectifier System®,
- Technip’s Ripple Trays and Wet Air Oxidation process.

The project will be executed by Technip’s operating center in Houston, Texas, USA.

Stan Knez, President, Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology, said: “Technip’s proven ethane cracking technology and track record of recent gas cracker awards provide a solid foundation for this plant, which will be the first gas cracking ethylene plant in China. We also take pride in our long relationship with SP Chemicals, which started with an Ethylbenzene and Styrene Monomer plant that adopted Badger(2) proprietary technology and has been running very well since it started up in 2013.”

As a world leader in gas monetization, refining and petrochemicals, Technip has a strong expertise in proprietary equipment, technologies and licensing.

 (1)SP Chemicals, a Singapore-based company, is one of the largest ion-membrane chlor-alkali and aniline producers in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Backed by a 20-year track record, SP Chemicals manufactures and sells chlor-alkali products and related downstream products such as aniline, caustic soda, chlorine and chlorobenzene to PRC-based and export customers.
(2) Badger Licensing LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between affiliates of Technip and ExxonMobil Chemical Company, offers technology in the area of phenolics and styrenics.

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