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Tech File: SHI Develops onboard Carbon Capture System

January 27, 2022

An SHI-built LNG carrier. Photo courtesy Samsung Heavy Industries

SHI reports that it has successfully developed an 'Onboard Carbon Capture' system which can be applicable to LNG fueled vessels with PANASIA, an eco-friendly and energy system expert, and received Approval in Principle from KR, Korean classification society, for the first time in Korea.

This approved green technology separates and collects carbon dioxide among exhaust gas of LNG, which is burned in a ship engine or generator, using an Amine based liquid absorbent. SHI and PANASIA have jointly developed the technology since 2020, and SHI plans to continue its research and commercialization of the carbon capture technology by 2024, which is optimized for LNG fueled vessels.

SHI is in the process of performance verification at a carbon capture pilot test facility, built by PANASIA, in Jinhae. Last year, SHI also signed an agreement with BASF's OASE Gas Treatment team to expand its technological cooperation based on BASF's OASE blue CO2 capture process technology, which allows the possibility to capture CO2 from flue gas onboard vessels.

"A combination of LNG powered propulsion and Carbon Capture technology is expected to be an economically viable solution against forthcoming IMO's carbon emissions regulations, which will be strengthened in stages by 2050", said Geon-il, Park, the director of Green Energy Technology Center at SHI. "The technology will not only help achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals in maritime sector, but also boost demand for LNG fueled vessels.

The AiP award ceremony for Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage System. From left, Geon-il Park, Director of Green Energy Technology Center at SHI / Daeheon Kim, Executive Vice President of R&D Division at KR / Sootae Lee, CEO at PANASIA. Photo courtesy Samsung Heavy Industries

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