Friday, January 19, 2018

Statoil Awards Long-Term ISO Contracts

Posted by October 6, 2017

Scaffolding work on the Sleipner field. (Photo: Harald Pettersen)

Statoil is awarding renegotiated framework agreements to Bilfinger Industrier Norge AS and Kaefer Energy AS for ISO services (insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment). Valued at a total of more than NOK 7 billion ($87mln), the contracts will run until the end of 2030.
The framework agreements cover ISO services for the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS), with flexibility for use across all facilities on the NCS and onshore in Norway.
The agreements facilitate increased innovation and technology development within the ISO services performed at Statoil (STO) facilities. This also includes stimulating further upgrading of specialist skills and increased percentage of apprenticeship certificates.

Bilfinger and Kaefer have been responsible for the ISO services on the installations where renegotiated framework agreements have now been signed since 2010. An exception from this is Draupner, where change of supplier opens for a more flexible utilization of resources across Sleipner Multifield.
In 2016 Statoil signed framework agreements with Beerenberg Corp AS and Prezioso Linjebygg AS for the other installations on the NCS and onshore plants, and has now covered its needs for ISO services at facilities currently on-line until 2030.

The list of plants below shows what installations the two renegotiated agreements will cover. The installations on the NCS not mentioned in the list will continue with their current ISO contracts.

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