Friday, June 5, 2020

Shale Revolution in US Cannot Alter Arctic Oil

May 14, 2015

Sergey Donskoy

Even the so-called shale revolution in the United States did not stop striving for sustainable business with the direct support of the state to extract "Arctic" oil Don wrote on his page to Facebook (FB).

In the Arctic sector of the US (Alaska) are two sedimentary basins - the North Slope of Alaska and the Beaufort. In these basins exploration conducted most intensively since the late 1970s until 1996, he reminded the politician. Much of this work has been concentrated in the eastern part of the basin of the North Slope of Alaska, where in 1968 opened a giant oil field Prudhoe Bay, which is being developed since 1977.

Since the beginning of work on the Arctic shelf of the United States was drilled 131 exploration well, including in the maritime sector - 30 wells at depths up to 30 meters, according to Don for help. The last well was drilled in January 2003 in the shallow waters of the Beaufort Sea.

In general, recoverable oil and gas resources of the Arctic maritime sector amount to over US 3.3 billion tons of oil and 3,000 billion cubic meters of gas. The degree of exploration of these resources is not more than 3.6%, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources. According to him, recent events indicate the intensification of global competition on the Arctic shelf, and Russia should intensify work on the shelf of the Russian Arctic, in order to ensure resource security of the economy, development of high technologies.

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