Monday, June 1, 2020

Sercel Delivers 508XT Acquisition Systems

Posted by May 29, 2019

Photo courtesy of Sercel

Sercel has announced the successful delivery of five of its state-of-the-art 508XT seismic acquisition systems to India’s national oil company, ONGC.

ONGC selected Sercel’s cross-technology (X-Tech) solution to conduct various 3D surveys for a total of 40,000 channels across India in challenging environments, from jungle to steppe plain and even desert.

The specific challenges faced across these terrains make the 508XT system a natural choice. Sercel’s renowned robust build quality ensures minimal downtime even when operating in the harshest conditions. The unique, fault-tolerant X-Tech architecture, which combines the benefits of cable and wireless systems in a single platform and features local storage and automatic rerouting capabilities, simplifies field operations and enables continuous, autonomous acquisition.

This delivery comes hot on the heels of twelve other Sercel 508XT systems sold in India in the past three years.

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