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Petrotechnics Named "Cool Vendor in Oil & Gas"

Posted by May 6, 2014

Photo coutesy of Petrotechnics

Petrotechnics, a global company in transforming frontline operational performance and lowering operational risk has announced that leading analyst firm Gartner has named Petrotechnics a “Cool Vendor” in Oil & Gas in a report published by Gartner on April 25, 2014.

Gartner's annual ‘Cool Vendors in Oil & Gas’ report recognizes vendors that are bringing innovative capabilities to help oil and gas companies succeed. Cool vendors are transforming the way businesses operate and consumers engage with technology. They inspire organizations to think differently, challenge conventional thinking and offer distinct competitive advantage.

Over the past 25 years, Petrotechnics has pioneered, proven and successfully delivered innovative software solutions that transform how work is carried out and how risk is managed at the frontline in hazardous industries. Proscient, Petrotechnics’ Operational Performance and Predictive Risk software platform provides companies the capabilities to optimize how they manage workload against operational risk in their dynamic operations. With a common view of risk from the frontline to the boardroom, operational decision-making is enhanced. This allows companies to get more of the right work done safely and efficiently to improve asset integrity and keep people safe.

Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Oil and Gas 2014 report stated; “Although it would seem simple in theory to conduct work both safely and efficiently, in practice, conflicts arise, and without real-time visibility into these conflicts and how they affect safe work execution, time is lost and risk exposure can go up. Petrotechnics takes much of the complexity out of the equation by exposing the risks and identifying the barriers to safe and efficient work execution. Petrotechnics is cool because it changes the safety-productivity dynamic and enables the companies that use the product to reduce operational risk while improving productivity.”

"Petrotechnics is honored to be recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor. We believe our inclusion in the report is a significant validation of our strategy and efforts to help organizations in hazardous industries reduce operational risk and improve production efficiency, “said Scott Lehmann, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Petrotechnics. “As Gartner stated in the report organizations with an interest in reducing risk and improving the productivity of their operations should consider integrated risk management solutions such as Proscient. It moves beyond legacy EPTW systems and helps to better connect the often disparate work management process to provide a common and practical view of operational risk. With a better understanding of the major hazard risk and the impact of workload, frontline workers and senior leaders can make better decisions to get more of the right work done safely, efficiently and sustainably to improve asset integrity and keep people safe”, added Lehmann.

With Proscient you can take control and better manage all of the frontline work activity and operational risk in your dynamic operations. Proscient’s collaborative risk based work execution capabilities bridge the gaps in the work management process improving coordination and collaboration across Maintenance, Operations, Planning, HSE and Engineering functions. With intuitive and practical tools, it ensures a unified approach from the frontline to the boardroom. Proscient can provide organisations with significant business benefits: 

  • Improve the asset Integrity of your plants through better maintenance effectiveness
  • Increase and optimise operational efficiency
  • Proactively manage and reduce operational risk
  • Improve safety performance and keep people safe
  • Optimise production efficiency with fewer unplanned shutdowns and faster shutdowns and turnarounds


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