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Petrobras Starts Production on Offshore Rig P-61

March 17, 2015

Rig P-61 courtesy Petrobras


Petrobras began production of the P-61 platform in the Papa-Terra field located at the southern end of the Campos Basin, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, 110 kilometers off the Brazilian coast and water depth varies from 400-1400 meters.

The P-61 platform installed in a water depth of 1200 meters, complete system designed to produce in the field of Papa-Terra, which is also installed the FPSO (floating unit that produces, stores and transfers petroleum) P-63 , which started production on November 11, 2013.
The P-61 will be interconnected 13 producing wells, being the well known PPT-16, currently in production, the first of its platform. Currently are interconnected to the P-63 producing wells five to six injection wells, with five injection wells will still be interconnected.
The production of the P-61 is transferred through flexible to FPSO P-63, which has capacity to process 140,000 barrels per day (bpd) and 1 million cubic meters (m³) of gas lines, plus an ability to inject 340,000 barrels of water. The oil is transferred from the field through tankers and gas, consumer surplus on the platforms, is injected into the reservoir adjacent to the field.
The P-61 platform, TLWP (Tension Leg Wellhead Platform) type, is connected to a support platform (Tender Assisted Drilling) and equipped with a probe drilling and completion of wells. That is the first time such a platform operating in Brazil. The P-wells 61 are dried termination type, ie, the well control valve are on the platform, rather than located on the seabed.
Producing wells in the P-63 are connected through flexible subsea pipelines with electric heating known as IPB (Integrated Production Bundle) and 18 production wells in the field have submerged centrifugal pumps.
The top of the unit (topside) of the P-61 was built in the shipyard Keppel (KPELF) Fels in Singapore. The hull and operation of "mating" (bonding step hull with topside) were completed at the shipyard Brasfels in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro.
The presence of oil reservoirs between 14 and 17 degrees API, combined with the extensive water depth, makes the development of Papa-Terra field is one of the most complex projects of Petrobras, which requires the incorporation of different solutions innovative.
Papa Terra field is operated by Petrobras (62.5%), in partnership with Chevron (CVX) (37.5%). Chevron's involvement in the development of the field has been important in light of its experience in this type of project.

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