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Ocean Monarch Mobilises to Otway

July 29, 2019

Australian upstream oil and gas exploration and production company Cooper Energy  announced the semi-submersible drilling rig Ocean Monarch, operated by Diamond Offshore, has commenced mobilisation from the Gippsland Basin to the Otway Basin where it is to drill 2 offshore gas exploration wells.

According to a press release, the wells, Annie-1 and Elanora-1, will be the first offshore gas exploration wells drilled in the Otway Basin in seven years.

Cooper Energy (Operator and 50% interest holder) and Mitsui E&P Australia (50% interest) are drilling the wells to identify new sources of gas supply for south-east Australia, it said.

"Commercial discoveries resulting from the program can be economically developed through connection to the companies’ existing Casino Henry gas operations from 2021," the release said.

The Ocean Monarch is expected to arrive on location at the Annie-1 well-site, 9 km offshore Peterborough, around Wednesday 31 July. The rig is expected to be visible from the coast for the duration of the well which is forecast at 35 days.

Cooper Energy has engaged with local communities to provide project briefings and answer questions on the program in advance of the rig’s arrival and will work to continue to keep interested parties informed, including announcement of the commencement of the drilling operations (spudding).

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