Monday, May 25, 2020

NOPSEMA: Offshore Operators Well Equipped to Deal with COVID-19

May 6, 2020

Illustration - Image by lkpro - AdobeStock

Australian offshore oil and gas safety regulator NOPSEMA has said that the offshore oil and gas companies operating in the country are "are equipped with adequate arrangements for protecting workers from infectious diseases such as COVID-19."

NOPSEMA came to the conclusion following a series of remote COVID-19 specific inspections.

The inspections were carried out after NOPSEMA directed all operators to review their infectious disease management plans to ensure they had tailored arrangements in place for reducing COVID-19 related health risks.

"Results indicate that operators have taken reasonable steps to protect the health of the workforce in relation to COVID-19 and that operators continue to monitor and evolve their arrangements in response to latest information and expert medical advice," NOPSEMA said.

The regulator recognized that implementing measures to prioritize the health and safety of workers in some cases required significant change to regular working arrangements and acknowledged the substantial efforts of industry, health and safety representatives, and the workforce to ensure the wellbeing of the workforce is maintained.

"While pleased with the outcomes of the inspections, the regulator is encouraging operators to remain vigilant and continue to undertake all necessary precautions to reduce transmission risks within the workforce," NOPSEMA said.

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