Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Well Testing Technology

November 14, 2018

(Photo: Schlumberger)

New technology from Schlumberger (SLB) delivers well testing performance data in real-time.

Schlumberger has introduced well testing live performance technology at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC). The new technology, called Concert, brings real-time surface and downhole measurements, data analysis, and collaboration capabilities to well testing.

In the Concert performance ecosystem, all well test data are digitally integrated via wearable technology, wireless sensors, and video cameras. Robust software drives web dashboards, accessible anywhere customers specify, with separate teams able to view the same data.

“Concert performance significantly increases operational control and collaboration, providing a step-change in operational efficiency with particular focus on safety and the environment,” said Wallace Pescarini, president, Testing Services, Schlumberger.

As part of extensive testing carried out in Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Australia, the new technology was used in testing the first development wells of a major offshore gas condensate field in Australia. According to Schlumberger, Concert performance introduced new efficiencies to managing the testing spread required for the ultrahigh flow rate wells. The automated real-time data collection and communication enabled collaborative analysis that accelerated the understanding of the testing operation while significantly reducing the personnel required.

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