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New Guidance for Offshore Personnel Transfer

Posted by July 1, 2016

  • Wind farm construction (Photo: GeoSea)
  • Robin Proctor (Photo: Reflex Marine)

A new guidance document has been published by the Marine Transfer Forum. “Offshore Personnel Transfer by Crane – Best Practice Guidelines for Routine and Emergency Operations” aims to support an international market which performs over 5 million passenger transfers every year.

Developed by EnerMech, DNV GL, Reflex Marine and Seacor Marine the guideline benefits from a range of expertise, which reflect the key roles in ensuring safe and efficient marine transfer operations.

The development of the guideline involved a period of detailed industry consultation.  International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and Damen Shipyards also made key contributions, ensuring it reflects best practice and is relevant to the growing marine renewable energy sector as well as traditional offshore sectors.

Simon Hatson, chair of IOSH’s Offshore Group, said: “The offshore industry is one in which workers face many inherent risks, but all workers, irrespective of their industry, should be covered by a culture of care.

These guidelines will assist operators in continuing to protect the safety and health of employees who face risk on a daily basis. IOSH is delighted to have been able to have an input in their development.”

“Market conditions, new technologies, evolving logistics demands in offshore wind, and increasing industry trends toward marine versus helicopter based logistics all bring the case for marine transportation methods into sharper focus. This guidance will help operators review the options and implement the most appropriate solutions.” explained Robin Proctor, Reflex Marine’s main contact for the Marine Transfer Forum.

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