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New Flow Meter Cuts Capital Costs at Shale Field Well Pads

Posted by October 26, 2017

Photo: Emerson

Emerson has launched a new smaller version of its Roxar Multiphase Meter (MPFM) 2600 - a small size, cost-effective and modular flow meter specifically designed to address the flow profiles of North American shale fields and provide a meter suitable for the lifetime of the wells.

Through switching from one separator per well to one Roxar multiphase meter per well, operators can reduce facilities capital investments at the well pad by over 50 percent, supporting Emerson’s Project Certainty initiative as operators strive for Top Quartile Performance in capital efficiency in unconventional assets.
Other operator benefits include improved and more accurate well allocation; a reduced well pad footprint; and reduced environment exposure as tanks are pushed downstream to central facilities where they can be more efficiently monitored for regulatory and environment compliance, delivering operational excellence.
The new compact MPFM 2600 is part of the scalable Roxar Multiphase Meter product family built on measurement principles used in over 1,500 meter installations worldwide, and enables shale operators to monitor the flow from the well stream continuously and in real-time.
The cost-effective meter, which has an internal diameter of just 35 mm (1.38 inches), specifically aims to address unconventional fields’ unique well characteristics. In addition to the same world-class functionality and performance of other Roxar Multiphase Meters, the compact version comes with improved algorithms and models, and a brand new, ease-of-use operator interface. The interface streamlines installation and commissioning and provides improved graphical views for trending, visualization of well data, and configuration of the meter.
The Roxar MPFM 2600 includes three main modules - electrical impedance measurements, a field replaceable insert venturi, and a gamma system. Together, these are used for determining phase fractions and flow rates. The meter can be used for applications such as flow back measurements, well testing and allocation metering, and can detect changes in flow rates and fractions immediately, providing necessary royalty payments and enabling precise actions to be taken. Key new features include:

  • Improved algorithms and models, graphical views and trending software, resulting in enhanced accuracy and real-time flow information from shale fields with numerous types of well characteristics;
  • One of the most compact and cost-effective flow meters on the market today with just a 35 mm internal diameter. The advanced, inline, non-intrusive meter ensures cost-effective and straight-forward installation and continuous wellhead multiphase flow monitoring;
  • Fast manufacturing and delivery, with the meter installed and delivering production efficiencies sooner than larger, more complex meters;
  • Configuration flexibility with the meter coming with an easy-to-use operator interface software tool, providing calibration and configuration flexibility for the well’s evolving conditions, and streamlining installation and commissioning; and
  • Industry leading service to support installation and commissioning. This includes maintenance services to ensure the meter is operating safely, consistent and economically; reliability services to preserve one’s investment; and performance services to optimize performance and ensure that business goals are achieved.

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