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Mammoet Moves Longest Turbine Blade

August 10, 2016

  • Mammoet transported the wind turbine blade from LM Wind Power’s pilot plant in Lunderskov to the Blaest Test Center in Aalborg Photo Mammoet
  • The blade passing a traffic roundabout. Photo credit LM Wind Power Photo Mammoet

Mammoet Wind, the turnkey solution provider for the wind energy industry, has successfully transported the world’s longest wind turbine blade from LM Wind Power’s pilot plant in Lunderskov to the Blaest Test Center in Aalborg. Being the longest blade in the world, no transport equipment has been previously planned for such scale, so LM Wind Power needed a specialist transport company to carry out this unique operation.

The blade measures 88.4 meters in length, with a height of 4.47 meters when loaded on the truck. Precise planning was essential to this operation as the clearance to pass under bridges measured just three centimeters.

The initial route surveys were conducted based on the preliminary drawings of the blade. Along the planning, the blade size was increased in terms of width and overall height, which led to transport unit adjustments such as longer overhang due to the movement of the tip support point. All road modifications, like traffic signs positions and removal of trees had changed during the process. All these adjustments have been approved by the local authorities, police and the Danish road authorities. Strong relationships between all involved parties made this a smooth and safe operation.

The transport planning started approximately one year prior to the actual transport. Meetings with the police, local authorities and the road authorities were held on site at different pinch points on the route, discussing the intended methods and expected time for different maneuvers. Close coordination with the authorities and all other parties involved enabled the successful completion of this one of a kind transport. With the route precisely planned in advance and experts on point temporarily dismantling guardrails and road signs the successful completion of the transport represented a proud moment for both Mammoet Wind and LM Wind Power.

Alex Wagner, Transport & Engineering Manager, Mammoet Wind stated, “The transport of the LM 88.4 blade went 100% as planned, even a little faster than expected. A major part of the transport running smoothly was due to long term partner, Arkil Road, Kurt Larsen Storm, taking care of a lot of the planning involving the road authorities and all road modifications such as permanent relocation of traffic signal, temporary removal of traffic signs, and removal of crash barriers allowing the transport to drive against flow of traffic on the motorway. On site Mammoet personnel, Søren Pacholski and Michael Nygaard, as well as escort vehicles drivers did a great job working closely together as “one team” as always. I can only be satisfied with the way the transport went, and the way that people worked together.“

"The entire trip went smoothly, without any problems, thanks to incredible teamwork between all the companies involved." said Koos Van Der Zee, Transport Manager, LM Wind Power.

                     Transport successfully completed at Aalborg. Photo credit Rene Schütze

                Transport successfully completed at Aalborg. Photo credit Rene Schütze


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