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Japanese Trio Orders Wind Turbine Installer

November 21, 2019

Conceptual Image of new SEP. Image: Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.

Penta-Ocean Construction, Kajima Corporation, and Yorigami Maritime Construction have agreed to jointly construct a wind farm installation vessel capable of installing foundations and turbines with a capacity of between 10MW and 12MW.

The three Japanese companies have ordered a jack-up vessel with a 1600-tonne lifting capacity for work in the domestic offshore wind sector.

The multipurpose self-elevating platform (SEP) ship holding company will be established as a subsidiary of Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. and it will be operated jointly by the three companies.

In light of the enactment of relevant regulations which promote offshore wind power generation in the general sea areas in addition to the port and harbor areas, the development of offshore wind power generation projects have gained considerable momentum across the nation.

The new SEP will be equipped with a 1,600t hoisting, fully revolving crane to cope with the increasing size of the offshore wind turbine and its basic foundation, enabling the efficient construction of 10-12 MW class offshore wind power generation facilities.

The basic design will be undertaken by a specialist company, GustoMSC (Netherlands), which delivers design solutions for about 70% of all SEPs around the world.

PaxOcean Engineering (Singapore), which is part of Kuok Family, the largest international conglomerate group in Malaysia, will be responsible for the overall building of the SEP. The vessel will be equipped with a main crane built by Huisman (Netherlands), a leading manufacturer of offshore cranes.

The SEP is scheduled to be completed and delivered in September 2022 and operational in March 2023, with an investment of approximately JPY 18.5 billion.

Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. and Kajima Corporation had been in charge of the design and construction of demonstration units in Hibiki district of Kitakyushu Port in Fukuoka Prefecture and off the Coast of Choshi in Chiba Prefecture, respectively.

And they both have solid track record and technological expertise related to planning, designing and construction of bottom-fixed offshore wind power generation facilities. Yorigami Maritime Construction Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in marine civil engineering works including offshore crane operations.

In particular, Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. owns the first Japanese multipurpose SEP, “CP-8001”, equipped with an 800t lifting capacity crane and has been accumulating shipbuilding prowess on the construction of SEP, as well as significant operational experiences.  

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