Monday, June 1, 2020

FNB Says Austria Incident Not to Affect Supply

Posted by December 12, 2017

FNB, a group of German long-distance gas network operators, said on Tuesday that the explosion at an Austrian gas hub disrupting European natural gas supply should not affect German flows.

"We don't currently assume any problems with the supply of gas but we are observing the situation with utmost attention," Berlin-based FNB said in a statement.

The fire and explosion at Austria's Baumgarten hub curtailed flows especially to southern and southeastern borders of that country, which is a main transit land for Russian gas.

Germany receives gas from Russia via that route but also uses complementing routes via Poland and under the Baltic Sea. It also receives liquefied natural gas (LNGLF) (LNG) on board ships via Rotterdam and has vast underground storage facilities.
Reporting by Vera Eckert

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