Monday, May 25, 2020

FairWind Completes 59 Transition Pieces for Borssele 1+2 OWF

March 27, 2020

Image by FairWind

Wind industry solutions provider FairWind has completed its largest electrical and high voltage project in company history, completing 59 transition pieces (TP’s) for client Bladt.

The TP segments were assembled in Aalborg harbor in Denmark, to be installed at Borssele 1+2 offshore wind farm. Transition Pieces are used to connect the monopile and the tower of an offshore wind turbine.

The 752MW wind farm is being constructed in the southern part of the Dutch sea towards the Belgian border. The project will comprise of 94 Siemens Gamesa Renewables 8.0-167 type turbines.

FairWind said the project for Bladt was notable for several reasons. 

"This was the first project were FairWind had to prepare Transition Pieces (TP’s); This was our first contract with Bladt Industries; This was the largest electrical/high voltage project FairWind had ever conducted," the company said.

The project scope included full electrical installation – including mounting circuit breakers, lights, cabling, filling high voltage switchgear with liquid air, and all other electrical components.

"Currently, FairWind is planning to continue such operations with another project for Bladt, this time preparing 135 Transition Pieces in Aalborg to be used at the Hornsea 02 offshore wind farm in the United Kingdom," the company said.

Electrical and high voltage is the newest operational unit in FairWind (currently working within the Offshore business unit framework).

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