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ESVAGT A/S: Working Closely with the Customer Results in High SOV Efficiency

Posted by September 20, 2018


Cooperation between ESVAGT and its customer maximizes uptime and increases operating efficiency in offshore wind farms.

Since their launch in 2015, ESVAGT’s purpose-built service operation vessels (SOV) have established themselves among the most efficient in the industry for servicing offshore wind farms.

Much of this success is due to innovative solutions for both concept and design, such as the SOV concept with the walk-to-work gangway and the ESVAGT Safe Transfer Boat (STB) for fast, safe and efficient transfer of technicians and goods.

“An equally important factor in the success of the SOV lies in the excellent cooperation between the crew and the customer's technicians on board,” said Rune Østergaard, Head of Commercial Wind for ESVAGT.

"It doesn't look as spectacular as a gyro-compensated gangway system or a specially developed STB, but the excellent cooperation between the company's people on board and the crew has been crucial for the great success of the SOV,” Østergaard said.

Cooperation is the prerequisite for a well-planned day that ensures maximum efficiency and utilizes every aspect of the SOV concept.

"In everyday life, ESVAGT crews and the customer’s technicians on board the SOV vessels work as one team; as one united crew. Therein lies much of its value. The combined understanding and great mutual flexibility it brings are the basis for exploiting the potential the SOVs represent," Østergaard said.

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