Monday, March 19, 2018

Oil Ports News

Methanol Plant at Libyan Port Shut after Accidental Blast

A methanol plant in the Libyan oil port of Brega has stopped operations after an accidental explosion caused by a gas leak, an official said on Tuesday. The plant will remain shut until safe operations can be guaranteed, but it was not clear how long this would take, said Issa Mukhtar, an official at Sirte Oil Company which runs the plant.

Libya's Oil Production Falls "Significantly"

Libya's oil production has fallen "significantly" this week after the two biggest oil ports, Es Sider and Ras Lanuf, halted operations due to fighting nearby, a spokesman for state National Oil Corp (NOC) said on Tuesday. Only Brega and Hariga oil ports, also located in the east, and offshore fields were still operating, NOC spokesman Mohamed El Harari said.

Es Sider Port Oil Tanks On Fire

A fire at an oil storage tank at Libya's Es Sider oil port has spread to two more tanks, officials said on Friday. The first oil tank was hit during clashes between armed factions allied to Libya's competing governments over control of the country's biggest oil port, located in the east. Es Sider and the nearby Ras Lanuf port have been closed since the fighting broke out two weeks ago.

Islamic State Targets Es Sider Port Again

Islamic State militants resumed shelling near the Libyan oil port of Es Sider on Tuesday and an oil storage tank in the port was hit causing a fire, a petroleum guards spokesman and the National Oil Corporation said. The guards spokesman said the militants were 30-40 km (19-25 miles) from the port, which they also targeted on Monday in an attack that left seven guards dead and 25 wounded.

Libyan Rebel Refuses to Hand Over Oil Ports

Libyan militia leader Ibrahim al-Jathran

A former Libyan rebel leader, who seized oil ports in the past to campaign for eastern autonomy, said he had turned down an offer to join an armed group challenging the internationally-recognized government. The loyalty of Ibrahim Jathran to the government is key to ensure that three oil ports accounting for at least 500,000 barrels of days of exports in eastern Libya will stay open.

Car Bomber Dies in Failed Es Sider Port Attack

A car bomber blew himself up overnight in a failed attack near a security checkpoint outside the Libyan oil port of Es Sider, a security source and a witness said on Tuesday. Security officials did not say who they thought was behind the attempted attack, which took place a few kilometres from the oil port and caused no material damage.

Asia-Pacific Crude Steady, Conoco Sells Bayu Undan

The Asia-Pacific crude market held steady on Tuesday as traders sought clarity on the supply of June-loading cargoes amid potentially higher Libyan exports. "We are still not quite sure whether it's for real," said a trader with an Asian refiner, referring to the reopening of Libyan oil ports. Still, maintenance personnel…

Libya Reaches Deal to Reopen Brega Oil Port

Libya state oil company National Oil Corp (NOC) has reached a deal with security guards to end a protest at eastern Brega oil port, which is expected to allow the terminal to reopen on Tuesday, a company spokesman said. Reopening Brega would allow the state-run Sirte Oil Company to start producing again and further boost Libya's output after an end to other port and oilfield protests.

Libyan Protesters Stop Oil Exports from Eastern Hariga Port

Libyan Protesters

Libyan state security guards have started a protest at the eastern Hariga oil port, banning any oil exports, a Libyan oil official said on Saturday. A tanker had been waiting for three days to lift oil but the guards did not allow it, the official said, asking not to be named. The port is only open for fuel imports, he added.

Libya: Sarir Oilfield Closed, Hariga Port Tanks Full

Libya's Sarir oilfield has been closed and the Messla field has cut production because tanks at the eastern Hariga port are full, an oil official said on Tuesday. "The production of the Sarir oilfield is zero because it has been closed as the stores of Hariga oil Port are full enough," a spokesman for state-run oil firm AGOCO said. Reporting by Ahmed Elumami

Libyan Government: Ports, Oil Fields Safe

Libyan oil ports and fields are safe and under government control, the country's interior minister said on Friday after visting the eastern Brega port. "This visit is a message to the world and Libya that the Libyan state is controlling the oilfelds and ports," Omar Sanaki told Reuters after the visit with several lawmakers. Brega was the site of a recent oil protest.

Coryton Terminal Opens as Glut Grows

Project has benefited from rising oil supplies; Operator Greenergy sees more investments. The Thames Oilport terminal near London opened on Wednesday after nearly four years of development, at a time a global oil glut and a collapse in fuel prices is making storage an attractive investment. A first tanker, the Seaconger…

Kuwait's Oil Exports Not Affected by Bad Weather

Kuwait is exporting crude and oil products as normal and there has been no disruption from bad weather, a spokesman for state-run Kuwait National Petroleum Co (KNPC) told Reuters on Monday. "Everything is working normally without any problem,"  Khalid al-Asousi said. A dust storm and strong winds on Monday had halted operations at Kuwait's non-oil ports…

Libya Oil Company Empties Tanks in Ras Lanuf after Attacks

Libya's National Oil Corporation has emptied oil storage tanks in Ras Lanuf as a precaution after the Islamic State group attacked Libya's two biggest oil ports last week, an official from the company said on Monday. "We have taken all the oil stored in the tanks there (Ras Lanuf) to a safer location," Mohamed al-Manfi, an oil official in eastern Libya said.

Rival Libyan Factions Exchange Airstrikes

Strikes hit Tripoli airport, eastern oil ports; UN negotiations expected in Morocco this week. Rival Libyan forces carried out tit-for-tat airstrikes on oil terminals and an airport on Tuesday, escalating their battle for control of the country days before United Nations peace talks were due in Morocco. The OPEC oil…

Oil Tanks Destroyed at Libya Port, Others Still Ablaze

Two oil storage tanks remain on fire at Libya's Es Sider oil port while two others have collapsed almost a week after clashes there sparked the blaze, a spokesman for state National Oil Corp (NOC) said on Tuesday. Fires at two other storage tanks at Libya's biggest oil port had been extinguished but the damage was unclear, NOC spokesman Mohamed El Harari said.

Protesters in Eastern Libya Close Second Oilfield

Protesters blocking Libya's Abu Attifel oilfield closed another field, blocked a road and seized a company plane, a security official and activist said on Tuesday. The oilfield, a joint venture between Italy's ENI and Libya's state oil company, has been closed for a year by local people who demand jobs, part of a wave of strikes at oil facilities that began in July 2013.

Reopening Date of Libya Oil Ports Uncertain

It is too early to say when Libyan oil ports Es Sider and Ras Lanuf can reopen after a force loyal to a self-declared Tripoli government pulled out troops from frontlines near to the terminals, an oil official said on Monday. Security and technical checks needed to be conducted first, the official said, asking not to be named.   Reporting by Feras Bosalum

More Air Strikes Near Eastern Libyan Oil Port

Libya's recognized government conducted air strikes against rival government forces trying to seize major oil ports in the east and targets in the west on Monday, but the rival government held control of the main crossing to Tunisia, witnesses said. The oil producer has had two governments and parliaments since a group…

Libya Oil Guards Protest at Hariga Port, Disrupt Operations

A brigade from Libya's Petroleum Facilities Guard has been protesting at the country's Hariga port to demand salary payments and disrupting operations there, an official from state-run oil company AGOCO said on Tuesday. The official said the protest was interrupting work at the port, where full storage tanks have forced…