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U.S. Natgas Demand, Price Nosedive Continues

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U.S. natural gas futures held near a 21-month low on Tuesday, keeping the contract on track for its second-biggest monthly drop in history, as a decline in output from this week's extreme cold offset forecasts for warmer weather and less heating demand next week than previously expected.Gas prices have been depressed for weeks due to a growing belief that the country has more…

Freeport LNG Targets Year End for Full Operations After Fire

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Freeport LNG, one of the largest operators of liquefied natural gas export plants in the United States,on Tuesday said last week's fire damage to its Texas plant would keep it fully offline until September with only partial operation through to the year end.Natural gas prices slumped in the United States and soared in Europe on the lengthier shutdown as the Quintana, Texas, facility produces roughly 20% of U.S.

U.S. Natgas up 2% on Higher Demand, Soaring Global Prices

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U.S. natural gas futures edged up about 2% on Tuesday on record power demand in Texas, forecasts for more gas demand over the next two weeks than previously expected, a reduction in gas output, low wind power and much higher global gas prices.Power demand in Texas failed to hit a new all-time high on Monday due to less hot weather, but will likely break peak use records on Tuesday…

Oil Slips, Set for 20% Annual Drop in Tumultuous 2020

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Global crude prices slipped on Thursday and lost more than a fifth of their value in volatile trade in 2020, as lockdowns to combat the novel coronavirus depressed economic activity and slammed fuel demand.Still, Brent and U.S. crude benchmarks have more than doubled from April's decade lows. The start of coronavirus vaccinations bolstered demand in the fourth quarter, and prices recovered to the highest in about 10 months.On the last trading day of 2020…

US LNG Exports Drop More Than a Third

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U.S. liquefied natural gas exports are down by more than a third since governments started imposing lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus.Worldwide gas prices have plunged as lockdowns squeezed energy demand even as strong renewables output boosted supply. Gas prices are more expensive now in the United States than in Europe for the first time in a decade.Buyers in Asia and Europe have already canceled over 20 U.S.

US LNG plays havoc with Dutch Gas, Asian shipping

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Dutch gas prices hit 10-year lows this week, reflecting high European inventories swelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports, testing levels at which companies that committed to buy U.S. LNG will start making serious losses.Prices for month-ahead Dutch gas have dropped by two-thirds since their peak last September of just under 30 euros per megawatt hour (MWh).On Friday…

US Rig Count Climbs

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U.S. energy firms increased the number of oil rigs operating for the first time in the past three weeks as U.S. crude futures soared around 10% this week.Big energy price declines over the prior couple of months, however, prompted one analyst to cut rig count forecasts for 2019 and 2020.Companies added one oil rig in the week to June 21, bringing the total count to 789, General…

Rising US LNG Exports Boost Interest in Natgas Futures

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A surge in speculative interest in the U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) export boom has pushed open interest in natural gas futures to an all-time high, traders said on Thursday. Open interest, which measures the number of contracts outstanding, in the Henry Hub front-month hit 386,826 on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Wednesday, topping the previous high of 366,383 set in May 2016, according to Reuters data going back to 1990.

Most US Oil Execs See Prices below $60/Barrel through 2018

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. oil executives see crude oil prices remaining below $60 per barrel through 2018 and not hitting $70 until at least the next decade, according to a survey published on Wednesday by consultancy Deloitte Services LP. The survey, based on a poll of 250 executives at companies that produce, transport and refine oil and natural gas, reflects a shift from…

US Natural Gas Prices Rise as Winter Stocks Look Tight: Kemp

U.S. natural gas stocks look somewhat tight after low prices this summer worked off the excess stocks that built up in the first half of the year. Current stocks are in line with the five-year seasonal average but that may not be enough given the increase in exports and the number of additional combined-cycle power plants that have become operational in 2017. The last two winters have been exceptionally mild…

Europe to be Natural Gas Kingmaker

It's probably not quite here yet, but the trend is unmistakeable; the world is moving to a globally-linked natural gas market and the rise of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the key driver. Much of the increase in LNG capacity is because of the rapid boost to plants in Australia and the United States, as both countries take advantage of abundant local reserves of natural gas…

YPF Says Technology Lowering Its Shale Costs

Longer horizontal wells and technology improvements will help Argentine state-run oil company YPF SA lower costs at its most productive shale field, but better infrastructure is still needed in the remote Vaca Muerta play, an executive said. The breakeven price at the Loma Campana field is $43 per barrel and falling while development costs are $12.90 per barrel and expected to fall to $10 next year…

ETP: U.S. Drilling Ban Won't Delay Ohio Gasline

Completion of the Rover pipeline, the biggest natural gas pipe under construction in the United States, is not expected to be delayed by a U.S. federal order to stop new drilling to install pipe, Energy Transfer Partners LP said on Thursday. The company spilled more than 2 million gallons of drilling fluid - mostly water and clay - in Ohio wetlands in April during construction of Rover, prompting regulators to halt drilling in certain areas.

Spills Prompt U.S. to Stop ETP's Drill Work on Rover Pipeline

U.S. regulators on Wednesday prohibited Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) LP from new drilling to install pipe along the route of its Rover natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to Ontario following drilling fluid spills in a wetland area in Ohio. Concern that the ban was coming helped lift natural gas futures prices on Wednesday, traders said. The drilling ban will remain in place until the U.S.

ICE to Offer First US Gulf Coast LNG Futures Contract

With the United States about to become a net exporter of natural gas for the first time in 60 years, Intercontinental Exchange Inc said on Wednesday it would begin trading the first-ever U.S. liquefied natural gas futures contract in May. ICE said the contracts would be cash-settled against the Platts LNG Gulf Coast Marker price assessment and use Platts-derived U.S. GCM LNG forward curves for daily settlement purposes.

Liquidation Risk Hangs Over O&G Prices: Kemp

The threat of liquidation hangs over oil and gas prices in the short term as hedge funds have built the most bullish positions in both commodities since 2014. Hedge funds are running enormous net long positions in crude and gas even though prices have risen sharply in the last year, and they may have reason to expect further price strength in 2017. But gains in both commodities seem to have stalled recently and supply will increase as shale drilling picks up ("U.S.

US Gas Prices Tumble, But Market is Tightening: Kemp

U.S. natural gas prices plunged on Tuesday amid forecasts that temperatures will be average or higher across most population centres by the middle of January. Earlier forecasts had predicted colder temperatures would persist through most of January, boosting heating demand. But the correction in gas prices comes after hedge funds had amassed unusually large bullish bets, helping drive prices up by more than 40 percent in the last two months.

U.S. Gas Prices Tumble, but Market is Tightening

U.S. natural gas prices plunged on Tuesday amid forecasts that temperatures will be average or higher across most population centres by the middle of January. Earlier forecasts had predicted colder temperatures would persist through most of January, boosting heating demand. But the correction in gas prices comes after hedge funds had amassed unusually large bullish bets, helping drive prices up by more than 40 percent in the last two months.

US Natural Gas Market Rebalancing Underway: Kemp

The U.S. natural gas market is well on the way to rebalancing as unusually high airconditioning demand coupled with strong underlying consumption growth absorbs the record inventories left at the end of last winter. Anticipating a tighter market in 2017, hedge funds and other money managers amassed the largest net long position in natural gas futures and options for more than two years by the end of August.

LNG's Seasonal Price Gains may be Short-lived

It's around about now that liquefied natural gas (LNG) spot prices usually start rising in Asia ahead of winter demand, and this year looks set to hold to the pattern, although any relief for producers is likely to be short-lived. While the LNG market is heading for structural oversupply next year, and for several years thereafter, there are several short-term factors that have been supporting prices, and should continue to do so for a little while.