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Japan Takes the Lead on Ammonia as Maritime Fuel

Image courtesy NYK

Late last year Japanese maritime leaders – Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), Japan Engine Corporation, IHI Power Systems Co., and Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd. – signed a series of contracts to buid the world's first ammonia-fueled medium gas carrier (AFMGC) equipped with Japan-make engines. The target is a completed ship by November 2026.While the project is significant, hurdles remain, namely:While development work is underway, today there is not yet a dual-fuel ammonia engine on the market, andThe international rules for ships using ammonia as fuel are not yet in place.On the latter…

Vattenfall, BASF Partner on Nordlicht 1 and 2

Iimage courtesy Vattenfall and BASF

Vattenfall and BASF are in advanced and exclusive discussions to partner on the Nordlicht 1 and 2 projects through a sale of 49 percent of the project shares to BASF. Both parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formally express their joint ambition. The Nordlicht wind park zone is located 85 km north of the island of Borkum in the German North Sea and consists of two separate sites: Nordlicht 1 with a capacity of 980 MW and Nordlicht 2 with 630 MW. Vattenfall develops and constructs the Nordlicht sites.

Ørsted Breaks Ground on Carbon Capture Project

Advedøre Power Station. Photo courtesy Ørsted

Ørsted is embarking on the construction of two carbon capture (CCS) facilities designed to capture and store carbon emissions from the woodchip-fired Asnæs Power Station in Kalundborg and the straw-fired unit at Avedøre Power Station in Greater Copenhagen, representing Denmark's first full-scale carbon capture project.It is expected that the carbon capture project, which was awarded a 20-year contract by the Danish Energy Agency in May 2023, will capture 430,000 tonnes of biogenic CO2 annually from the two combined heat and power plants starting from early 2026.

Technip Energies Sets Up Green Hydrogen JV, Beats Quarterly Earnings Expectations

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French oil and gas services group Technip Energies on Thursday announced a green hydrogen solutions joint-venture with Belgian group John Cockerill, while reporting stronger-than-expected first-quarter earnings. The need to combat climate change, along with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, have created opportunities for energy service firms, with increased investments in liquefied natural gas (LNG) and low-carbon energy sources as Western countries impose sanctions on Moscow's energy exports. The JV, named Rely…

India Coal is Back in Business

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India's coal industry celebrated the return of its major conference after a three-year pandemic hiatus by presenting a bullish view of demand, rising supply from new mines and strong demand for imports."King coal is coming back and coming with a big bang," Anil Kumar Jha, the chairman of Jindal Power Ltd., told the Coaltrans India conference, held this week for the first time since February 2020.The sentiment was echoed by virtually every speaker at the event, although there was a wide variety of views as to how successful India will be at ramping up coal domestic coal output…

Blue Hydrogen: A Key Player in the Future of Energy Transition

Source: 2022 edition of GECF Global Gas Outlook 2050 - January 29, 2023

The energy sector is undergoing a transformation, with a growing focus on cleaner energy sources and technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future. In this context, hydrogen is emerging as a key player in the energy transition, with a variety of clean production methods offering different advantages and competitiveness in the market.The recent results of the Accelerated Energy Decarbonization Scenario (AEDS), developed within the framework of the 7th edition of the GECF Global Gas Outlook, provide valuable insights into the future of hydrogen as an energy vector.

German Cabinet OKs Emergency Measures to Fast-track Renewables Expansion

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Germany's cabinet on Monday approved measures to accelerate the expansion of wind and solar power by simplifying licensing and setting deadlines for permitting procedures, the economy ministry said.Berlin aims to generate 80% of electricity from renewables by 2030, but red tape has been hampering Germany's efforts to meet that goal.The cabinet adopted a package of European Union emergency regulations, agreed last year, to speed up wind and solar permits and clarify the environmental and grid permit deadlines that approving authorities must meet for such projects.The package of measures, which is yet be voted on in parliament, p

The Top 10 Offshore Wind Energy Trends to Watch in 2023


The drivers for global offshore wind growth look good for 2023. Global offshore wind is forecast to grow from over 60 GW at the end of 2022 to 240 GW by 2030 and over 410 GW by 2035. But the sunny outlook must be balanced with some building dark clouds. As we prepare for the new year, let us look at ten factors that will shape the offshore wind sector in 2023.1. Solid foundations: Optimism for the supply chain is founded on declared and inferred offshore wind deployment targets by a growing number of countries of over 400 GW, driven by energy transition and energy security policies.2.

Britain Produced Record Amount of Wind Power in 2022

A wind turbine at Hornsea 2 (File photo: Orsted)

Britain’s wind farms contributed a record 26.8% of the country’s electricity in 2022 although gas-fired power plants remained the biggest source of power, National Grid data showed on Friday.Britain has a target to reach net zero emissions by 2050 which will require a huge scale-up of renewable power generation such as wind and solar.The share of wind power in Britain’s electricity mix last year was up from 21.8% in 2021, the data showed, as more wind projects came online. The world’s largest offshore wind farm…

Has Green Hydrogen Sprung a Leak?

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The green hydrogen express is gathering pace, but it may have a worrying problem with leaks.As governments and energy companies line up big bets on the much-touted fuel of the future, some scientists say the lack of data on leaks and the potential harm they could cause is a blind spot for the nascent industry.At least four studies published this year say hydrogen loses its environmental edge when it seeps into the atmosphere. Two scientists told Reuters that if 10% leaks during its production, transportation…

Greece's Sole LNG Terminal Ramps Up Imports to Replace Russian Gas

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Greece has cut Russian gas imports by more than half this year thanks to increased deliveries from other producers to its sole liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal near Athens, the country's gas grid operator said on Thursday.Greece has relied on Russia for about 40% of its gas needs for years but it has ramped up LNG purchases from other countries in line with a European Union plan to cut dependence on Russian energy. It has been receiving Russian gas via the Turkstream pipeline which also delivers to Hungary via Serbia.Its LNG facility on the Revithoussa islet…

Molten Salt Reactors: Maritime’s Nuclear Option

Multipurpose: an illustration of Ulstein International’s nuclear-powered Thor showing its ship-to-ship resupply boom and passenger transfer, and below a close-up of a replenishment operation. Image courtesy Ulstein International

A race is being run by nuclear scientists and ship designers. The prize? “Decarbonization’s” holy grail — believed to be a “small” thorium-fueled, molten-salt rector’s unlimited power to propel sea trade. At the same time, a recently revived discussion among leading marine-nuclear thinkers revolves now around how to put an ultra-modern, as-yet non-existent marine reactor aboard a modern commercial vessel. As with nuclear power generally, shipborne reactors produce national discussion first, then discovery. Now its global, and vessel designs are on the table.The word is, “Don’t be afraid” of upcoming marine nuclear.

Incoming Shell Boss Aims Fire up Renewables Drive

Shell's incoming Chief Executive Wael Sawan. Copyright Miquel Gonzalez; Photographic Services, Shell International Limited.

Shell's incoming Chief Executive Wael Sawan is set to accelerate the group's drive to build its renewable energy business, including through a possible "transformative" clean power acquisition, company and industry sources said.Sawan will from January take on a firm with a strong balance sheet after a surge in oil and gas prices, but whose renewables capacity has lagged peers like TotalEnergies and BP as green issues come increasingly into vogue. Shell aims to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and to become a net-zero emitter by 2050…

Jurong Port, MHI and JERA Explore Plan to Build Ammonia Power Plant in Singapore

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A consortium of Singapore and Japanese companies have signed an initial agreement to build a power plant fuelled only by ammonia in the city state.Singapore's Jurong Port, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific (MHI-AP) and JERA plan to build the 60 megawatt (MW) gas turbine combined cycle plant on Singapore's Jurong Island, they said in a joint statement on Friday.Jurong Port and MHI-AP in August 2021 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a pre-feasibility study on ammonia direct combustion technology for green power generation which was concluded in March.The project aims to supply green electricity and develop an

Battery-Electric Surge: ESS Scales Up in Maritime

Battery friendly: the DC set-up aboard an ESS-equipped VARD vessel. Image courtesy Vard

Ask the right government department in any G7 state and you’ll find funding to put battery power for your vessel. Beyond funds, new battery makers and system integrators are ironing out safety issues, and a growing number of giga-sized cell factories offer hope that costs will fall for marine energy storage, as ESS choice grows. Efforts are also underway to recycle rare earth elements and to augment or greenify staggeringly high plant electricity inputs. Apart from funding, the drivers of change include constraints on shipping in Emissions Free Areas like the fjords of Norway…

Price is the Elephant in Australia's LNG, Domestic Gas Conundrum

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Australia's threat to curb exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in order to ensure domestic supplies is another unwelcome pressure on a tight global market for the super-chilled fuel.But it's not an immediate threat, and it may also not materialize at all, depending on how the various players in Australia react to the government's planned action.What needs to be addressed effectively is the elephant in the room, namely the price at which natural gas is made available to domestic consumers relative to the price the gas companies can receive for their LNG on the global market.Australia vies with the United States and Qatar as t

Crude Spill Hits Environmentally-sensitive Area in Venezuela, Report

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Crude oil spilling from one of state-run PDVSA's joint ventures has hit an environmentally sensitive area at Venezuela's eastern region, three sources close to the operations said on Tuesday.Oil spills and gas leaks have become frequent in recent years in Venezuela, where lack of investment and delayed maintenance have contributed to the deterioration of PDVSA's aging energy infrastructure.The leak came from an oil well at Platform G, one of the sources said, referring to infrastructure located at the Pedernales shallow-water field in eastern Venezuela.

Greek Quest to Save on Energy Bills Spurs Island-owned Renewables

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Even with his 35-room beach-front hotel on the Greek island of Tilos close to fully booked, owner Michalis Kipraios worries his business might not "survive" sky-rocketing electricity bills, as the war in Ukraine drives up energy prices around the world.Tilos, 360 km (224 miles) southeast of Athens, is affected even though in 2019 it became one of the Mediterranean’s first islands to generate enough wind and solar power to meet most of its needs, including hosting thousands of tourists each summer.Tilos went the extra mile to go green by welcoming a private renewable power project…

Hydrogen at Risk of Being Missed Opportunity, According to DNV Report

Remi Eriksen, Group President and CEO of DNV. Image courtesy DNV

Hydrogen has a crucial role in decarbonizing the world’s energy system, but uptake will be too slow. Governments need to make urgent, significant policy interventions, according to a new report by DNV.In Hydrogen Forecast to 2050, DNV predicts the amount of hydrogen in the energy mix will be only 0.5% in 2030 and 5% in 2050. However, to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement, hydrogen uptake would need to triple to meet 15% of energy demand by mid-century.“Hydrogen is essential to decarbonize sectors that cannot be electrified…

VIDEO: One-on-One with Pieter van Oord, CEO, Van Oord

Pieter Van Oord, CEO, Van Oord, graces the cover of the June 2022 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News.

Pieter van Oord is candid in discussing the future growth of his storied company’s activities in offshore wind with specific insights on challenging current jobs, Van Oord’s recent order of a massive and groundbreaking Wind Turbine Installation Vessel, and the company’s future working in the United States.Pieter, to start, can you give a ‘By the Numbers’ look at your company today using the metrics of your choice?Well, 2021 was a disappointing year for us. As we said in our annual report, it was ‘a year with two faces.’ We had to report a loss for the first time in a long time in our company…