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DNV GL Unveils Renewable Energy Data Platform

June 21, 2018

Photo: DNV GL

DNV GL is launching GPM Horizon, a data monitoring platform with full integration of current and future renewable energy systems including solar PV, wind and energy storage assets. 

GPM Horizon enables future-proof fleet management by bringing digitalization technologies and integrated renewables systems together in one platform, which are the key drivers for the global energy transition.

Global energy forecasters, including the International Energy Agency, foresee a rapid growth in renewable sources. In its 2018 Energy Transition Outlook DNV GL forecasts that by 2050, well over 80 percent of electricity will be generated by renewable sources with wind and solar PV each contributing over one third to the mix.

As the global renewables market will grow exponentially, with renewable sources of energy to meet 40% in primary demand by 2040 according to the International Energy Agency, As a result, a rise in demand for combined storage plus renewables platforms is expected.

To realize the full potential of delivering clean energy in the years to come, integrating renewables systems by using the latest digital technologies will be key. To capitalize on this trend GPM Horizon is designed to deliver a streamlined 360-degree integration of systems and technologies.

The Artificial Intelligence and machine learning applications of GPM Horizon enable users to transform their data into actionable insights. The platform gives asset operators a comprehensive control room experience for their renewable assets with key information delivered through dashboards tailored to the needs of each user type. In addition, advanced alarms ensure no exceptional events are missed.

“GPM Horizon will accelerate the transition towards a cleaner energy future. A future in which digitalization will be a key enabler for effective performance of renewable assets. But also an increasingly complex future in which it will be more difficult for owners, analysts and operators to access the specific data for managing large portfolios with a mix of technologies” said Ditlev Engel, CEO of DNV GL – Energy.

Juan-Carlos Arevalo, CEO of GreenPowerMonitor, added, “We now offer the first solution to collect and manage data from multiple assets and multiple technologies in one single platform. It is flexible and easily scalable to accommodate customers who want to expand their portfolios in the future with more assets or new technologies.”

Beyond the control room, GPM Horizon enables customized operation and management workflows. This allows renewable energy developers and owners to monitor and manage their fleet in real-time covering multi-technology renewable energy portfolios for current and future systems.  

The new solution builds on the combined experience of GPM and DNV GL: GPM’s Plus solar asset management software and DNV GL’s Windhelm wind farm portfolio management software tool.

DNV GL acquired GreenPowerMonitor in June 2016, uniting its existing expertise in wind energy data with GreenPowerMonitor’s digital solar solutions. To date GreenPowerMonitor is managing 10GW of Solar PV Plants in over 51 countries globally.

Functionality for managing wind generation and energy storage will be rolled out later this year.

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