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Denmark Predicts Steady Oil & Gas Production

Posted by August 28, 2015

Denmark expects to maintain its current production of oil and gas for the next two and a half years according to new estimates from the Danish Energy Agency on Friday.

This year the production of crude oil is seen at 9.6 million cubic metres, equivalent to 60.4 million barrels, a marginal increase from estimates made a year ago.

Next year the new forecast is 9.5 million cubic metres and for 2017 the agency expects 9.6 million, slightly below its previous estimates.

The production of gas is now estimated at 4.1 billion cubic metres in 2015, 3.6 billion in 2016 and 3.7 billion cubic metres in 2017, largely in line with estimates made last year.

It is now expected that Denmark will continue to be self-sufficient with oil until 2021 and with gas to 2023.

Reporting by Erik Matzen

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