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Deal Struck to Deliver Maritime Biofuel in Fujairah

November 24, 2020

Gary Hubbard, Chief Commercial Officer of Neutral Fuels and Lars Liebig, Managing Director of UED.

Uniper Energy DMCC (UED) and Neutral Fuels will collaborate to provide maritime biofuel in Fujairah, UAE.

The companies will blend UED’s VLSFO and Neutral Fuels biofuel, creating a maritime fuel that meets IMO standard under their ISO8217:2010 RMG380 specification, cutting emissions of carbon dioxide.

“The collaboration is aimed to address climate protection, the predominant social issue in the world today," said Lars Liebig, Managing Director of UED. "UED’s mission is to help countries build up reliable and environmentally friendly energy supplies to support a global transition to cleaner energy. Collaborating with Neutral Fuels enables us to accelerate our efforts.”

“UED is already supplying up to 500,000 tons of VLSFO per month from its processing plant in the Port of Fujairah, the world’s third-largest bunkering hub,” said Liebig. “We will leverage our logistics infrastructure and global customer base, which stretches from the Middle East over South/East Africa, and up to India, Singapore and China. The fuel will be available for large tankers and containers, and for smaller short sea and feeder vessels.”

For Fujairah terminals that are not currently connected to the grid, biofuel can also be used instead of fossil fuel in diesel generators, producing clean, green electricity and contributing to decarbonisation.

“It is fitting for the UAE to lead the way in making maritime biofuel widely available to the shipping industry," said Gary Hubbard, Chief Commercial Officer of Neutral Fuels. "The UAE was quick to adopt the UN’s sustainable development goals and has been particularly active in working to cut emissions of CO2. This is the main culprit that creates the greenhouse gases which cause climate change.”

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