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DEA Announces Thor OWF Tender

November 17, 2019

Map: Danish Energy Agency

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has published detailed material concerning central elements and questions which will be discussed at a market dialogue event on 25 Nov 2019 in Copenhagen for the Thor Offshore Wind Farm(OWF).

Thor Offshore Wind Farm is the first of the three offshore wind farms agreed to be established with the Energy Agreement of 2018.

Thor OWF will have a capacity of 800-1,000 MW and will thus be the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark. The farm is expected to be in full operation in 2027 at the latest.

Earlier, as part of the Energy Agreement of 2018, all political parties in the Danish Parliament decided that three new offshore wind farms are to be established in Danish waters by 2030. These new offshore wind farms will expand the supply of energy from offshore wind by at least 2,400 MW.
At the Market Dialogue, the DEA and Energinet will present some of the key elements of the tendering procedure.

The market dialogue will focus on key elements of the preliminary tender conditions, will provide tenderers with the opportunity to influence the design of the tender specifications, thereby lowering commercial risks.

Moreover, the Danish Energy Agency and Energinet will collect viewpoints from potential tenderers and investors in order to optimize the tender conditions.

The ultimate aim of the dialogue is thus to collect relevant input from market players and thus pave the way for obtaining lowest possible bid prices, when final bids are to be submitted for the Thor Call for Tender in 2021.

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